can u join the army if ur a bodybuilder?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by tommy1990, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. i was watching worlds strongest man and i was just wonderin can u join the army if ur that big? but can do the 1.5 mile run in the time u have to do it in?
  2. ... is this a joke?
    Where is the punchline?
  3. no not a joke!!!
  4. Right ok, Well if they meet the physical standards, the medical standards, and fitness standards then why not?
    As long as they have a BMI within the allowed region, and body-fat also in the allowed regions, then why not?
    I mean, I'm far from being an expert!! But if they can do the job, then I don't see no problems..
  5. If your penis has shrunk, you have grown breasts and get moody through hormone abuse, try the Navy :)
  6. ooo ok ty for ur answer
  7. You may have trouble explaining your BMI of 48, but if you can run like the wind regardless, who knows. How gnarly are you Conan?
  8. I ticked the boxes for all the above, but they won't want me..
  9. I don't think the guys on WSM would be within the required BMI limits. (but i'm not telling them)
  10. Im a big guy. i bench 130 kg's (6 reps) weigh 15 and a half stone. and i passed adsc with 10.50 on the mile and a half. it can be done. mind over matter. push yourself - it will be hard.
  11. Just pass the selection, be remember your Bodybuilder physique will change to a normal one thorugh basic.
  12. Tommy Munroe?
  13. I would agree

    Based on the amount of physical work and sub maintenance calories you'll be getting you'll drop a lot of weight (so you'll be less pretty boy ish if you a body builder).

    And its you are/you're
  14. o if you have muscle you loss it ... Sucks , and if so does it come back after training if you hit the weights again ,you dont loose lots of muscle do you?
  15. I think we need a photograph...preferably 'nekkid' to acertain physical suitability! ahem I am a medic, purely professional interest you understand!