Can this mp count ? .....i know he is ex-rrf captain but

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by agoodgrouping, Jun 6, 2013.

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  1. John Barron reckons a TA soldier will earn more than a regular Brigadier ? Can anyone explain his maths ......even if they work 365 TA training days a year I can't see it coming anywhere near. I think he is manipulating stats - or am I wrong ?

    ' the £5,000 joining-up incentive, £1,700 annual bounty and £100 daily payment for each of the annual training days, means a former regular TA soldier will be better paid than a serving brigadier.'

    There are gaping flaws in the Government's plan to cut troop numbers - Telegraph
  2. Brigadier £100k ish pa = £273 pd

    TA Bloke 27 days commitment, £100 pd = £2700. Plus £5000, plus £1700 makes £9,400 per 27 days = £348 pd.

    He can count.
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  3. But the TA calculation is for worked days. Apply that to the Brigadier at, say, 230* worked days per year and he's on £434 per day.

    *subtracting leave and weekends
  4. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    is he working on the costs to mobilise a reservist who has to have his working salary compensated and also a replacement paid for at his workplace type thing?
  5. You could, but I suspect that some Brigadiers might have more working or work-related days than that, being married to the job. Similarly, the TA calculation doesn't work for 2nd or subsequent years, or if more than 27 days are worked.

    The point is that it's a back-of-fag-packet calculation to illustrate that TA soldiers can get a relatively large lump of wonga for their commitment.
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  6. The unofficial word coming from the TA at the moment is that they are struggling with current retention and recruiting. All sorts of inducements are being given to recruiting officers to get them in the door and to keep them.

    I often converse with a PSAO at a Transport Squadron when I attend Association meetings in a TAC.

    It would appear these financial inducements are part of that..
  7. Pension contributions?...
  8. The 5k bonus is incremental and is not being applied to all ranks, if you are talking about the golden handshake incentive to join the reserves. I would also assume it is intended to try and grab those likley to leave in Tranche 3.

    Paid more than a Brigadier - doubt it.
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    As old TA hands willl know, financial incentives may get ex-Regs through the door (and thus instantly inflate the number of trained personnel on strength - clever, eh?) but keeping them is a different matter. Few manage to stick the transition from full to part-time, for a myriad of reasons, the main being that real life/work/family comes first. I know it heresy but - money is not everything, easpecially if you've just left the Army with a big redundancy cheque in your pocket.

    Will FR20 work? It can - if everything goes exactly according to plan; if CAPITA pull their finger out and get the TA recruiting website working properly (it has not worked well for many months)
    ; if the money is forthcoming; if the Regular Army gives it the support it needs; if the re-locations and closures of TACS is thought through from a recruiting viewpoint, and not from a financial one; and if the concept of 'pairing' is actually programmed into the training prog of Regular Units as well as TA. In short - there's not much hope, is there? :)

    Lastly, as an ex-Fusilier, this MP is probably a tad bitter about the disbandment of the 2nd Bn, when it appears that by far the worst recruited Infantry are the Scots. They are of course untouchable, at least until after the referendum, so other Regiments must suffer. I wonder if the the TA is facing a similar problem with the RMLY.......
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  10. What rank do I have to be to be paid £100 a day ?

    The dullard is spouting a pretty crap line of bollocks TBF
  11. Level 6 Sgt at higher rate, Level 6 Staffy at lower rate.

    Or Captain.
  12. The comparison's irelevant as the TA soldier doesn't get: cheap house, army pension, free medical and dental, school fees paid etc. So it's like comparing apples with pears. Nice soundbite but poorly thought out.
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  13. So a Bde gets 273pd for not working the weekend and a TA Sgt gets 200 total for doing so?
  14. only if in rank for a few years, I'm a first year Staffy at higher rate and I don't get £100 a day (ok close £94)

    In the ORs 100 quid a day is more likely WO2

    My feeling his info has come from a recently "retired" 22 yr WO2 who has joined up in a TA unit and is getting his handshake, however he will only get part payment for 1 year service

    So in reality a someone in that category, and there aren't that many, will work out something like this

    Bounty £1,700
    KM1 payment of golden handshake: £1200
    40 days training at £100 a day: £4000

    So for ease lets say £7000

    Are Brigadiers really earning less than £7000 ?