Can this be true?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by theslayerofmen, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. Quote from another thread 'At Gib Bks they have boxes where the billys can put your name in without adding theres' (NOT my grammar!)

    Can this by true? What in God's name? Why? How? Why? What the hell is going on? I was an instructor there (a few years back now but not that many) and things had changed since I went through as a recruit......but this?

    Is there anyone out there who has heard about or experienced this for real? Please tell me this is not so. I suppose that the working time directive has to be adhered to as well?
  2. So, what Commander would ever take anything seriously that he read from some anonymous billy about one of his experienced Training Staff?!!! its ludicrous to even believe in such a thing, it's probably a joke placed on ARRSE by some billy there at the moment!!!

    Don't believe everything you read...

  3. I heard recently that there's a yellow box painted on the square where recruits can stand if they feel hard done by, and where nobody is allowed to speak to them or upset them for a given period of time...I presume that if they experience hardship during a firefight they have a yellow square they can go to...what's it all coming to?????
  4. Fair enough Gundolph. I was a bit sceptical at first but having served there for three years as an instructor in the late 90's I was privy to witness many changes.

    Not all these changes were for the good, and it was fairly one directional changes that were happening. I guess that what I am trying to say is that nothing would surprise me anymore.

    As for the yellow box.......can this be true? please tell me that it is not so etc etc.
  5. Gundolph, maybe the box for anonymous names is not true, but trust me, anything a billy says is believed over experienced training NCO's EVERY TIME. Guilty until proven innocent springs to mind.

    Yes i may be sceptical because of my experiences, but being the 5th engr kicked out of bassingbourn in the space of a year does show something, does it not!!???
  6. we had a grey square in the 80´s ,,, sort of the same thing except nobody saw you getting the Sh... kicked out of you ! GET in THAT QUADRANGLE !!! happy days :thumright:
  7. WANTED Yellow painted heavy metal rectangle for positioning in Horley Lake!
  8. Never heard of a triangle on the square. Never on the square to beggin with.

    There is a white box, for complaints. It's annoymous because in case the sapper feels he doesn't want to get into trouble, or to be a marked man.

    Theres one out side SHQ and in the WRVS.

    The sapper will get a say over an nco, I remember a certain case where an "NCO pointed a loaded rifle at a sapper on a tab and threatened to butt him, and he was drunk and had make up on".

    Which was plain and utter bullshit. Apart from the makeup, that was actually true haha. And he was out the previous night on a squadren due, however no loaded weapon and no threats.

    Eventually the sapper was discharged, but I think the NCO had a lot of bother. And managed to stay not get RTU'd.
  9. The WRVS, many a whinger to be found in there allthough the jock bird that was there last year would have got it
    Not like Babs from my time at Chepstow (Shudders)
  10. Oh yes, the scottish bird would get it. The only good thing to come out of glasgow. That's the reason WHY people whinged, not because they had problems, but because they wanted to see how far the can get.

    Baps was a howler, supposedly she'd seen a fair few sappers in her time, however naafi woman have never been known to be the best piece of crumpit.
  11. really, what makes you say that :?: :?: :?: :?:
  12. Well, everytime I go to a naafi, it's either some 40-60 year old woman or some 25-35 year old titanic. Not saying that every naafi one isn't a nice slice of crumpit, just a fair few that I've seen. I've yet to be impressed.
  13. You've just been WAH'd
  14. LMAO
  15. First of many I reckon...