Can the Tories really turn GB around?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by instinct, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. Going on from the It's OFFICIAL! Gordon Brown worse than Neville Chamberlain! thread could the tories if elected save britain from the terror that is nulab? Is it already to late? Have the torries the leadership, ability and brains to do it?

    Thread title edited by Mod so that casual readers don't assume we're all morons

  2. Even if we elected a small sauage roll to run the country, they'd be better.

    As for the Tories? They still have a bit to go but I would say yes they could. Having said that, to bring the country back they need to work very hard seeings how Liabour have Cat 5'd the place.
  3. I doubt it. I saw the Channel 4 interview with George Osborne just now and he doesn't seem to have a clue. He seemed to be opposing for the sake of opposing.

    After Mr Osborne said that the tories principle is to "repair the roof even if it is sunny", Jon Snow, pointing out that the only way to put aside money is to either tax more or cut spending, repeatedly asked him where spending would be reined in.

    Mr Osborne squirmed and wriggled with the best of them until Jon Snow gave up and moved on.

    Add to the above the recent announcement by Dave Cameron that one should link directors' bonuses to charity work and this lot looks pretty
    hopeless to me.

    They might still get my vote though, if only to get rid of New Labour.
  4. Because they really have a record of looking after the UK, haven't they.

    How many recessions in 18 years :roll:
  5. who do you go for sven?
  6. I really cant see any difference between Labour and the Conservatives, both as bad as each other.
    It went pear shaped when we had career politicians who care more for themselves than there country.
  7. Lib Dem - I thought everyone knew.
  8. Of course he didn't say where they'll cut, every time the tories come up with a decent policy and go public with it, Labour steals it and then ruins it before putting it in place, I already know from my own Tory MP that nearly 60 billion a year is already planned in cuts just to the cost of running the governmnet (civil service, QUANGOs etc, and that's before the top down re-organisation of the NHS penpushers) which sounds like a damn good start, especially when the opposition can't actually get their hands on all the figures to decide where to cut
  9. If only Guy Fawkes had succeeded :frustrated:

  10. The IRA tried more or less the same thing. Why don't You say the same thing about them. Why don't You wish that they had succeeded in Brighton, or with the mortar bombs fired at Downing Street?

    Or perhaps You tell me why the actions of one was right and the other wrong.
  11. Because our own, apparently elected representatives of this country over the last 30 years have contributed more to the destruction of this countries virtues than any terrorist organisation can ever have hoped for.
    Don’t take me on this one, as far as I can see our supposed elected members have little more moral fibre than the taliban!
    They do not represent me; they are a soporific disease we could survive without.
  12. The Tories will do a much better job than Brown and co. Labour have run out of ideas.
  13. What ideas do the Tories have? Start with Defence, it being what we are all interested in.
  14. Bearing in mind that they didn't have too many of their own to begin with - the Project's purpose was to achieve power for the group which thought of it, and not much else - it isn't really surprising that Buggins in Office has run out of inspiration. They simply took the good bits from every other party (including the LibDems but without too much from the conservative Conservatives) and melded it into a one-size-fits-all inoffensive, diverse, multicultural, community-friendly and intrinsically safe truckload of Big Brother's Poo. Then they legislated opinion out of the argument.

    The 'Tories' are no longer anything of the sort. They saw the Project winning hearts and willies, and promptly ditched anything remotely approaching principle in favour of a mirror image of what seemed to be the winning hand: inoffensiveness, total inclusivity and ultimately, abject failure.

    (Edit: Of note, it has to be said, is the fact that the LibDems have abject failure almost as a Central principle. They certainly don't have anything to contribute in a parliament of cynical, opportunistic self-servers except a sort of woolly bleating at the edges of every debate.)