Can the TA function without it's Regular Component?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jock38, Jun 11, 2011.

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  1. Yes or No and explain.
  2. Tell us what you think?
  3. slow day at the sun news desk
  4. There is no way that the TA could function without a full-time component. Whether this is provided by Reg, FTRS, TA ADC or civvie, all or even all bar one of those is a different matter.
  5. Fully agree and frankly its a pretty bone question. Pretty much every volunteer organisation has some sort of full-time component - the Cadets have a goodly tranche at County/Bn level, even the Scouts have a fair few. There could be an argument for thinning it out - but in order to do so it would take a HUGE change in the MODs penchant for creating nugatory paperwork.
  6. Only in the same way that Myra Hindley could run a creche.
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  7. Would be far too expensive to set up - e.g new G4 chain?
  8. No live firing?
  9. TA can go on A Qual so no issue :)
  10. Without its Regular component, yes. Without permanent staff, no. Makes sense, though, to form the permanent staff from Regulars.

    Justification? It has been done. It wasn't always One Army.
  11. Ok.... infantry no way, it's right sized .....

    Sigs??? - tech - we don't have a jobs for the TA's ones let alone regular and we have enough regulars to man about 5 FFR dets which is roughly the amount of dets a regiment holds.....
  12. And...... it seems some units with plenty of regs tend to be poorer TA units ..... related???
  13. I supose it depends on the unit and its role. My squadron supports a regular regiment, its PSI's are drawn from that regiment alone. The PSI's provide the essential link to the regular regt and without them we would not be able to fill that specific role. As for admin, booking courses etc I would rather see a NRPS/FTRS type who has greater availabliity since our PSI's, quite understandably, are often not available.

  14. They *can* do, but its a five week course, so how many will?
  15. Well we had 6 of the top of my head on the last course so more than enough to cover any LF eventually :)

    And some more due to go