I beleive that 75 Pension scheme is enshrined in law and cannot be be modified without taking it through parliament. Does anyone know if the new scheme is also protected - or could it be "modified" (to our detriment!) without any great effort?


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The Pension Scheme 05 has been agreed. New recruits from Apr 05 will automatically go on to the new scheme. Serving soldiers have the option to change to it if you wish. If you do not want to change, or if you do not make any election, you will remain on the old scheme. The new scheme has the same protection as the old.
Nonsense, the new scheme is differently set up to the 75 system, and can be altered without recourse to the usual
methods.. Doesn't mean they will tho'
Now I am confused. Obviously it might look more attractive but what happens if they change the set up without any discussion. Are we likely to get scre*ed ?
The Pension Scheme cannot/will not get changed without the appropriate legislation BUT the Early Departure Payments scheme (EDP) does not form part of the AFPS 05 and therefore in theory could be subject to change.
So that means that if say I elect to leave early I get my first EDP payment , then pass 55 and get my reduced pension, but at 65 my 2nd payment could be reduced ?
No, none of that is correct. I think you need to see your RAO and get him/her to explain AFPS 05 to you, so that you can make an informed decision.


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Your RAO can't advise you because she is not allowed to. If you want specific advice on pensions, especially which one is best for you, then you need to contact an Independant Financial Advisor at your own cost.
I tried that but the one I spoke with said that as virtually all the literature was contradictory or had been amended at least twice - and that he was not an expert on military pensions (OK my fault there!) that he was not really happy to give any positive advice. He actually said " they will not be changing this to the benefit of recipients!!"
If you need an IFA that has military experience, ask your RAO for the SIIAP list ( which lists IFAs who have joined the Services Investment and Insurance Panel.

Also go back to your RAO and ask her to explain the rules until you do understand them.

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