Can the army handle years in Iraq?


The Foreign Secretary predicts years of open-ended military involvement in Iraq, and an inevitable question follows - can the UK's armed forces handle it?

"Overstretch" has been a recurring theme for the British military in recent years, with foreign deployments coming thick and fast and the overall size of the armed forces in decline.

From the Balkans to the Middle East, from Africa to the far east, there are pockets of military personnel scattered across the world.

Some deployments are tiny. There is a single British army soldier currently in Liberia, just 22 in Sierra Leone.
Nice article Paul , but there still seems a element of problem? What problem? in this piece....
welcome to the new "Northen Ireland".

Should last at least 20 years, with tours on a yearly basis once the next round of cuts have wiped out a sizeable amount of available manpower.
dont worry B.liar promised we will all be out by july i for one think hes a nice chap and hes the PM so he wouldnt lie....would he

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