Would that be the desert kit that
(a) isnt all in yet
(b) has to go back to brigade on monday,
      issued or not......?

does anyone else have a distinct lack of confidence
in this set up.......?
AAC playing at soldiers yet again, get a grip and work
with the rest of the army for fu*ks sake......
at least the aac in the desert are likley to see their desert kit the support services will be so far down the food chain that we may be issued 1 set to wear when the press come to look at the medical facilities. To make it look like the govt got us the right kit. When in fact we're still in 95's with our boots melting to the floors.
we're having to get so much why not ask uncle sam to give us his ?
Stop moaning and get on with it. The kit will turn up even if we go to war looking like Fred Carnos Army. :p ;D perhaps I should modify that "if you go to war"!!!
well to mutley i think it was probably issued to troops in cyprus and kenya. also to KAPE teams opfor and flogged at cut price to anyone who wanted to buy it.

As to big vern we will get on with it and do what we're ment to
I flogged all my dessie kit at a car boot sale years ago :eek:

it was on its last legs long before we got back so don't expect much this time round. It took ages to get the "dessie pack" as all the sandy combats had been sold to the Iraqies some months prior!! :-/
ORG its not in your wardrobe you've got it on and throw yourself around the room wishing you were a signaller and not an MT mong ;D

Sorry to turn on my strongest allie, couldn't resist.

Now then lets not be predictable ;D don't change my image......................please ;)
sTILL IN MINE org AND COME TO THINK OF IT ITS not been dobied since returning as for the younhg lads at the top of this page ,  well if u had done this sort of crap b4 u would know that mobilising with this corps is like buying tickets to the circus everyone in the bigtop thinks they know wots goin on so just got to go with the flow and get on and off that bus and hey presto u,ll b there b4 u know it green or sandy it dont matter they,ll still fu*k u bout till ur nose bleeds  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
ohn yeah and by the way the reason USA can afford it is cos they might b just a little bit biger and a lil bit more loaded than us,, look at a map fella didnt u take any lessons at your schoolin boy big western country = loads of moolar for buying big fu*k off guns and tanks etc
I have the solution, from now on the Army will only fight at night, in the dark and without lights!

then it won't matter what colour the uniform.....well apart from luminesence......
i thionk ur missin the point ere id b more worried about those hot little bits of metal that might b flyin about, rather than being fashion conciense int the field fellas :-/


I think i would be more worried about the not very smelly wet stuff that he B***T**D has personally.
I dont think they can!  :eek:

Well not now anyway, seeing as 3 Regt used the worlds entire stocks of diesel driving all there wagons up and down the M3/A303 all last week :p


Speaking of fashion consiousness, i think you need to speak to the Bde Comdr or CO 3........

they seem to be laying down the law ref green or sandy stuff, bizarrely enough.......

its a media war dont you know.......

no flapping canopys now....
The only people who can go to war in the AAC, dressed in dessies are

1. All people under 5 foot 1
2. All people over 6 foot 5
3. All people weighing over 17 stone.
4. Men with womens feet.( Probably aircrew)
For the rest of you then suck it and see


Stop moaning and get on with it. The kit will turn up even if we go to war looking like Fred Carnos Army. :p ;D perhaps I should modify that "if you go to war"!!!
"Blah Blah Blah, All I can hear is i'm a dirty little tramp...."


(not you Mr Bigglesworth)

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