Can TA bod get help with Physio on back / shoulder probs?

At the risk of being lampooned with the "weak taunts" i'm still going to ask. Belonging to a certain "hard as nails" regiment <it's tongue in cheek> the prefered mode of transport is issue size 9's (or wahtever else your blessed with) and this includes when you've got in excess of 80lbs of kit to TAB with. My problem being that after separating both shoulders through "other activities" is that my shoulders and back feel the strain more than i care to indulge in and it's getting to point where i'm quick frankly getting p155ed off with it. I've tried my own physio's, osteopaths, chiro's and gym work but it aint working. Is there help that i can get from the army to try and sort this out. With an impending tour coming up i know that lugging weight is going to be an issue.

original problems external from the TA. Although going through Pcoy and CIC i never had a problem, it was only on Cambrian that they "went" as it were and i've had grief ever since. Granted i've probably seen / done most of what can be offered, although perhaps not in the way that i should be due to the advice being given i.e. no real life experience.. The doc bloke at Cambrian even "suggested" whilst making me sign some form, that i should transfer out and join a hat regiment ;o) - quite a simple answer to that at the time!

what's the chances of getting in to Headley Court it's only a mile from where i live??
I managed to collect an injury on TA time - when enquiring about physio through the Army the responses I got varied from "join fu*king BUPA" to "we don't have the budget to help TA bods." I hope you have better luck - though by the sound of it I was involved with a similar regt to you ref 'tabbing'...
The answer I am afraid is an absolute no even if you did injure yourself training.
It is something we are trying to address but as with all things army I will probably have retired before something is done.
You could pay for private physio and try to claim it back through the compo system if it was a training injury and reported at the time.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but when it comes to medical care we are very un_one army

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