Can SPVA get any worse

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by Madjock72, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. Put in my deterioration claim for my condition in April 2012 plus the motability supplement also. They received it on 15th May 2012.
    It then took them from May to October to get my a medical at the ATOS office as they needed further information ( because my 19 years of past medical history just wasnt enough :scratch: as im at the hospital every 3 months for check ups as it is "TWATS" ), so ok took the medical and was told should be done and dusted before christmas now.
    So phoned up and was told they are just waiting on notes from my doctor and consultant.... hold on didnt you just do that previous to october ?? No they needed more... ok fine
    Checked with the doctors and the hospital to see if they sent my docs to the SPVA was told that was all done in November and that no new letters where received from SPVA after those dates.

    Phoned up again at the start of January to see what the problem is was then told its with the doctors now shouldn't be long. At the time im doing a complaints procedure about how my case seems to have been misadministrated back in 1995-2001 ( so my previous posts if you can be arsed ) so it sent to SAR to get copied for the VA&PC to look at jobs a good`un would take a week at most to complete.

    So i phoned back in Middle feb through to yesterday and was told my case notes are still with the doctors, so being a suspicious bastard that i am asked to speak to a case worker, was put through and they couldnt locate the file. I told them it was with the doctors and was told no its not there ???? hasnt been there since end of december???
    Seems they dont copy my notes for the VA&PC as they didnt get my signature ( that old chestnut ) but when asked why did they pull it out of the queue without a request being present as it seems they would do extra work of there own back, it was meet with silence and its in the doctors now though.

    This SPVA place is out of control and needs to be brought into line with other depts working for the government, no other DWP etc can say to you there is no time limit on any case you bring before it.
    So im back onto the bugger this morning and asking to speak to a manager and the complaints dept again.

    This is a ******* joke and some bastards need to earn the wages they are paid.
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  2. I've always found them quite good and helpful.
  3. In nearly 20 years with them ive never had no matter how small the problem a 100% satisfactory solved result without the minimum off fuss. Sorry i lied they did send my free prescriptions letter too me in under 15 days.
    oh and now the phone lines are off.
  4. aside from taking an age to do anything ive not had major problems with them, there annoying and pedantic at time but I couldn't accuse them of failing, especially when there timelines are protracted for new or revisions of cases that are not related to those on a medical discharge who arguably require a swifter service than those of us sitting around
  5. The problem with the swifter review is that in some cases its rushed and done wrong, which in turn creates more problems which just mount up and send other people on the waiting list go further back down the line.
    The last review of SPVA performance was in 1994 which is the only one i can find on the DWP website. Even back then it wasn't that great a review in certain area`s.
    I know they have had cuts to staff and the work loads are bad but mislaying a file for 3 months and then lying about its whereabouts is negligence in any depts books. In any job the buck stops somewhere and people need to answer for there mistakes. It cant all be swept under the carpet time and time again as this reflects badly on the whole system and people lose confidence in the system, i think overall ive given them the benefit of the doubt over may years only to be kicked in the teeth at every corner.

    Just found out that there e-mail system doesnt work in SPVA as they never go where intended, and the only way they work is if someone prints out the e-mails and hand delivers them to there intended destination from the main e-mail server......even my kids primary school is better run.
  6. I have had a couple of problems over the 20 years dealing with WP but any place that big with there work load lack of staff and cut backs is going to struggle at times

    Why not write to your MP and also the boss at WP see what they have to say?
  7. Just chatted to the welfare officer for my area and apparently the VA&PC is the best bet which hopefully after the balls up, which they were meant to get my paperwork for should get sorted out this week. (Hopefully).
    He reckons due to the errors in the case and subsequent failures this will be a test case with another war pensioner in the same position as myself getting help from the VA&PC.
    And it could goto the courts for further recommendations to how the SPVA act in future cases. We will wait and see how this pans out.

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  8. I have sent 2 Emails to the Chief Executive and one letter. I'm told by my case worker that he doesn't reply personally to posts. WTF.
  9. My advice (if you haven't already done so, would be to visit one of the centres below, or to request a home visit if that would suit you better. Far more likely to get a result than firing off letters to all and sundry, and you have a very good chance of getting somebody involved who can actually give you an accurate reflection of where they sit with your current claim, and who will assist you to progress it.

    The SPVA Veterans Welfare Service has four Veterans Welfare Centres, providing advice and support across the UK.

    The contact details for each office are:

    Centurion (London, SE & SW England)
    Tel 02392 702232

    Kidderminster (South and Central Wales, Midlands & East England)
    Tel 01562 825527

    Norcross VWC (NW England, Yorkshire and Humber, North Wales & IOM)
    Tel 01253 333494

    Glasgow (Scotland, NE England, NI & ROI)
    Tel 0141 2242709
  10. My experiences of SPVA are listed in other places but they are a mixture of quite good & poor.

    The latest good bit is after 13 months they've finally acted on converting my SIP to a SAP.

    The latest bad bits are taking 3 months from the tribunal finding in my favour to awarding a GIP. Unfortunately the GIP was based on the wrong wage, wrong pension and was backdated to the wrong date.

    It wasn't until the GIP was awarded that I found out they had put on hold another injury application and hadn't told me.

    They also advised me that once the GIP was awarded I should put in an article 56 review as post med discharge I suffered another bad injury that was directly related to the one for which the GIP was awarded. As I'd already lost 5 months of the permitted 12 to submit my article 56 claim due to the "hold" put on my other claim and the very real possibility to run out of time I asked for confirmation this was correct. This week I received another email telling me to complete another application form instead and make sure I put on it "accepted injury, the new injury being consequential to the original".
  11. Thats mis-administration escotia its not your fault that they cant do their job within a certain period of time. I had to laugh today when there answering machine said due to severe amount of callers my waiting was going to be........1minute infact it was more like 20secs. If thats bad what do they class waiting 40+weeks on claim.

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  12. I'm overall reasonably ok with the service except their flash-to-bang time re letters. On one occasion I traced a letter into their mail room on 29 Jul. For several weeks they gave me the "not arrived yet" chestnut, followed by the "we only received it on 01 Sep" routine. They back tracked when presented with the track & trace details. Where possible I use email supported by hard copy as I too am in SE Asia.
  13. 'Fingers_1661', I too have been confused about the SPVA and their mail. When I send and receive standard airmail to and from the UK, time taken is usually 4-5 workings days. But when the SPVA send to here it's a standard minimum 16 days delivery. Please look at their franked envelopes and you will notice they are postmarked 'P.O Box7000 3109AA Scheidam', which is in Holland. I have received mail from the SPVA which has taken 84 days. I've had some franked with Singapore postmark, and others with Arabic postmarks on them. And in the last 15 months I've had one sent to Thailand 'signed for' delivery, which must have cost some money. 'Fingers_1661' could you confirm that you also receive mail via Holland?
    I've tried asking the SPVA about them sending post via Holland but they're either genuinely dumb as to the answer, or they're not being honest. As for Emails, I've come to the conclusion that they're a waste of time as they rarely respond to them. Phoning them is a hit and miss task also. I phoned my caseworker Thursday to gain permission to visit my doctor. "Caseworker isn't in, back Tuesday. "Can I speak to her boss?" "She too isn't in". "Can I speak to someone who can give me permission?" "Sorry no one else available. All I can do is get them to phone you Tuesday". "My appointment is Tuesday and according to the rules I have to gain permission beforehand". "Sorry, but I can only ask them to phone you Tuesday". I now have to attend an appointment without permission and hope the SPVA sanction the visit, post appointment.
  14. 1. Mail comes via the same roundabout route(s) in envelopes designed for internal UK delivery (ie 3-5 days max). By the time they arrive they're usually 'dog-eared' or ripped to the point of the contents being compromised.

    2. Write a log of your call to SPVA inc DTG; It'll help if they prove difficult. I call them via skype which also shows the duration of call in mins/secs; I add this info to my notes as it presumably coincides with the recordings SPVA make of the calls & therefore enables them to find it/makes it harder to deny a call took place.

  15. the mail gets chucked to the mail office for consulates, if they cock up and send it to the wrong office then the receiving office will try to make amends by posting it at the "cheapest rate" and this will account for the delays,

    the coming changes should actually remove this problem as mail will start being sent directly by SPVA and the mail monkeys should apply the correct postage from the off