Can someone tell me how to spot fake licence plates?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Scabster_Mooch, Oct 23, 2007.

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  1. I am grasping at straws here but for what its worth...

    There is a vehicle outside my house my that I suspect has been stolen.

    When I went to to do a free check, the system tells me that the number is invalid.

    Does that conclusively mean that the number plate the vehicle is sporting is fake?

    I tested the system by providing plates of cars parked across the road and the system successfully returned the make of the car.

    Anyone? :?

    Edit: Its a van btw. Does that make a difference?
  2. check the tax disc too
  3. Ask HPI what invalid means.

    It may just mean that there is no credit history for that vehicle (Govt, local authority purchase, or just plain old cash?)

    If you think its false call the police. They will be able to ascertain if its valid.
  4. If it has been there for a while, phone the cops. They will be able to find out the crack.
  5. OK thanks. Will observe further then decide on a course of action!

    Don't really dare snooping around the vehicle as this is not a nice neighbourhood.

  6. I was stopped by the coppers a while ago because the plates on my bike weren't showing up on their system. I had all the paperwork to prove that it was legally registered, but because it was only a few days old, the information hadn't filtered through the system yet.

    Phone the local police control room and give them the registration, type of car, etc. They'll send a patrol around if it's suspect.
  7. Tell the police you saw some "arab looking" gentleman acting suspiciously at night near the van. That should sort it.
  8. Keep your nose out of other peoples business. Is this suspicious car actually causing you inconvenience or do you just hav eto walk a few extra yards when you park?
  9. Quite simple ring the local police who can check very quickly if the car is stolen.
    Just out of interest who would you ring if you thought your neighbour had been burgled?
  10. If the vehicle is more than a few days old, HPI check will pull up VIN, make, model, colour and a few more details depending on how much cash you want to give them.

    First check - do plates at front and rear have the same VRM? Surprisingly common that they are a digit/letter out. Could be why the HPI is not coming up.

    Second check - do the plates look a lot newer than the vehicle? Or the screws holding them on - if you get a 4 year old vehicle with nice shiny selftappers holding the plate on then suss.

    Or you could just phone plod if it's bang outside your house and causing an obstruction. If the tax disc has expired then it'd get towed anyway.

    NB it wasn't left by a bloke in a stripy jumper with a sack marked 'swag' in his hand was it? Definite hint there.
  11. Get a Sandwich box, bit of black Nasty two magnets and stick them on bottom of van. Ring police - explain concerns. 1 cordon and 1 loud bang later - end of van.

    Job Done
  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    You found my van? Cool. PM me the postcode and I'll sort it.
  13. Yeah I am sure we would all be much better off if anything suspicous was just ignored 'cos ya don't wanna diss im. innit.

    If this car is actually OK then calling the cops will not cause anyone any problems, if however it is nicked/cloned then getting it off the road/back to the rightful owner is a good thing to do.

    Mind you own business is fine in moderation but turning a blindeye is not.
  14. Plates should be marked with suppliers name, Post code etc. To obtain replacement plates you need docs for proof of ownership. D/licence, passport etc. Therefore there should be fewer dodgy ones about.
  15. Is the new number written over Tipp-Ex?

    Edited to add: Best to call the police if you're suspicious, no harm done if it's legit.