Can someone please tell me what my job is now?

I am a CMT1 SNCO in a non medical TA unit. I have just completed nearly two years as a mobilised reservist but out of trade. (also I have applied for an out of trade FTRS post).

I recently saw an advert for UKSF Reserve staff including medics, so being an ex Royal Navy MA I though I would enquire.

I was told beciase of new laws they could only accept civillain qualified Paramedics because CMT's and Navy MA's were now unable to practice their trade.

This goes along with things I heard before I was mobilised but not being in a medic unit and the AMS being what it is very little of this filtered down to me.

So whats my job now? is it very different? and am I much more restricted on what I can and cannot do?

Most importantly what can I do to be an effective medic, what has the AMS got on the books to rectify the situation?

And one last is the AMS the only part of the army without a TRF? i am not mad keen on sewing but it smacks of being overlooked.

Thanks all,
The CMT(V) is going through a massive overhaul (still) at the moment, with our roles and the role of clinical governance being thoroughly thrashed around.

The prospects are looking a little more buoyant than they were, from what I've heard, and there will still be a role for the CMT(V), but then things could change again quite rapidly.

I'm afraid it's just a matter of 'wait out' at the moment. I'm sure other board memebrs with more first-hand knowledge will be able to tell you more.

In my unit we're being trained to enhance our force protection skills as our CMTs are going to be primarily vehicle commanders for BFAs and protection for medical convoys, as it's perceived, and quite rightly, that we can't keep our medical skills up to scratch without much more practice beyond the level we can realistically commit to.
Never had a big red cross armband thats why. Do we walk around with a big red cross armband on our day to day duties when not on ex or deployed, or working out of trade? no.

I have just spent the better part of two years, employed out of trade explaining to non medical people why I didn't have a TRF.

If I wanted sarcasm, I would talk to my daughters.

Chalky, thats the stuff I was looking for. Seems like my job might be dead and time to look for another.

I'm too unfit for SF, too old for the infantry (42), too bright for the RLC, to thick for Int (??)


Tactical Recognition Flash. Ours (RAMC) have been approved and are out in the next six weeks or so. And no, I haven't seen one!
Cardinal said:
Well, if you still want a role within the RAMC then PM me and I'll give you our unit details. If you're looking for a new challenge then I'd suggest starting here and seeing if anything takes your fancy.

Your experience in the RAMC will be something that could come in very handy beyond the CMT role, so don't give up on our beloved Corp just yet!
A lot of opportunities are to be had in unit instruction, so any quals you have in that area can always be put to good use, or you can use this as an excuse to get more and make that your role within your unit.

Failing that, what about the Sigs?
Cardinal said:
And one last is the AMS the only part of the army without a TRF? i am not mad keen on sewing but it smacks of being overlooked.

Thanks all,

trf's are the latest gay craze to sweep through the army. they need stamping out. how gay do clerks look with a big "sps" stapled to their sleeves?

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