Can someone please list a few of the actual benefits the UK has enjoyed from Brexit? And the trade deals agreed?

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1. There are no advantages
2. There will be no advantages
3. The UK is economically illiterate. The home of Keynes and Smith is full of eejits.
As you are well aware, the possible implementation options for Brexit until December 12th ranged from 'No Brexit' to 'No Deal'. It's impossible to plan on that basis.

I suppose you have your reasons for ignoring the prevailing political circumstances in the UK for the best part of the last four years?
I have always thought we would leave.
I haven't always thought we should.


Book Reviewer passports! Plus the mongs and xenophobes get to win. Which is nice for them.


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Yeah, I know.

And I've explained and expounded upon the question six or seven times

You're not listening, we get that.
In fact, your original question is nonsensical. We haven't left yet, we really, really haven't. And no matter how much you wriggle and squirm, many people on Arrse have explained to you the simple facts of life of Brexit, but you continue to plod along your well-worn path of denial.

You commented in response to a post I wrote, by saying that the referendum wasn't binding (you said that it "really really wasn't". And that may be true. However, the result of the referendum was really, really clear. The majority of the people who voted wanted out. They really, really did. Or they wouldn't have voted for out. They really, really wouldn't.

Both the Tories and the Marxists declared in their manifestos that they would abide by the results of the referendum. They really, really did.

Then there was an election and the winning party had declared that they would implement the wishes of the majority.

And after a very long period of very aggressive tactics by the so-called remainers aided and abetted by dissident MP's, Lords and the EU, to prevent the wishes of democratic majority of the electorate there was another general election when there was a massive victory for the Tories and their stated intention of honouring the result of the referendum. There really, really was.

And you have had it explained to you in fairly simplistic terms by any number of people on this website, that the country cannot engage in gaining trade deals (outside of the EU) until Brexit is a reality.

In the longer term, the country will benefit from being cut free from an undemocratic, stultifying and corrupt system of government, where political idealism surmounts the needs of the populations living within its borders. You may not be able to understand it, but then you appear to belong to a minority group of people who have a limited ability to comprehend the reality of what the EU is but are intent on forcing your limited vision upon the majority who do understand and who have had enough of it.
Far too many businesses are moving out of, or reducing their operations in the UK.

But nobody has been able to demonstrate the inflow of businesses to the UK ( etc etc) in anticipation of us leaving.

Not one.
I find it difficult to believe that you read any posts in this thread other than your own.


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I have always thought we would leave.
I haven't always thought we should.

That's not my point. My point is that there's nothing surprising about the lack of preparation and decision given that for most of the time since the Referendum, large numbers of those responsible for delivering Brexit were doing their best to water it down or reverse it completely.
In fact, your original question is nonsensical. We haven't left yet, we really, really haven't.

I'm very well aware we've not left yet.

The fact that others have been able to give sensible answers must really annoy and really, really confuse you.
Bob Geldof
Gary Lineker
Alastair Campbell
Hugh Grant
Steve Coogan
Billy Bragg
JK Rowling
Benedict Cumberbatch
Bravo Bravo
the Lib Dems

Brexit was worth it for those reasons alone. Close the thread.
I'm not crying, dear.

Laughing at some, but not crying.

It's almost as if you've not actually read the thread...
Ok then, read, digest and try and comprehend the following.

Are you really that dense that you do not understand that the UK cannot '' Sign Trade deals until it officially leaves the EU '' ?
They dont have to be signed to be agreed, Flash.
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