Can someone please help me, its urgent!

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by BigBoss, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. I just been filling out the forms to join the TA when i read that people with asthma, or been treated with asthma within the last four years cannot join, iv had a small case of asthma since the age of about 11 and have had it ever since, i have to have a asthma check up every year.
    So does this mean i cant join?

    also, i had back problems earlier in the year but have since sorted that out through a chiropractor,

    even more so, i came off anti depressants about a year and a half ago, so am worried now that one of these will exempt me from the army.
  2. Do you want the good news or the bads news?
  3. If this is a serious post and not a Waah, then you're better posting this on the "Professionally Qualified" Forum.

  4. both, please tell me quick, i have to know

  5. Good News - he's going to have a lot of free weekends?
  6. On the first count, I think youve answered your own question. Asthma.

    Lobster has the good news.
  7. Does this resemble you in real life?


    I mean mate, you sound like you're falling apart! But, then again, I was going to join the TA, and the medic ignored the fact I was a P3 when I was serving, and passed me P2. So you may slip through the net.

    But, like Flash said, the Asthma doesn't sound too good. Although I had an asthmatic mate who joined the TA RLC. So you just have to try.
  8. so to clear things up, are you telling me that i wont be able to join?
  9. I think so. As advised, ask in the quacks and scab lifters forum.
  10. Having asthma may not definitely exclude you, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

    Likewise, a weak spine may not necessarily hold you back.

    As for the anti-depressants, don't get too upset.

    Give it another year or two. Medical standards are bound to be relaxed when it's realised that there aren't enough able-bodied people to fill the gaps.
  11. thanks for the help everyone, i appreciate it
  12. I was going to suggest looking through the list of Army careers to see if there's one as a training aid, but decided against it as that would have been cruel.
  13. Wots the panic? are you packed and off to catch the train or something?