Can someone please confirm I am not a WALT

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by civpop42, Jan 21, 2011.

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  1. Ok, anyone from Netheravon 656 sqn during the 90's remember me. Kev Hughes?
  2. Yes I can. You are Kev Hughes.

    You are also a giant crying girl
  3. Kev Hughes? werent you at 656 Sqn in the 90's?
  4. Bloody Kev Hughes walts, They're everywhere.
  5. I'm Kev Hughes!
  6. That's the badger; big lad, REALLY smelly ears.
  7. OK, some people remember me, all the best, hope you are having a cracking time ( mean it too ) Loved Nethers. If anyone wants to follow me on twitter my name is Bodderick. All the best Kev.
  8. If you are the Kev Hughes that lives in Fleet, Hants... then you are the same bloke who was larging it up in the Oatsheaf, by claiming to be an Apache pilot.

  9. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    no, I'm kev hughes!
  10. Are you lonely?
  11. Im Kev Hughes and so is my wife.
  12. Bloody Crab Walts
  13. I was in 651 squadron, but sadly i cannot claim to be kev hughes...
  14. No, my dog is Kev Hughes. He was an Apache pilot, got shot down once in a Dogfight with a Dalmation. Was awarded the DogFC.
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  15. You are not Kev Hughes you fucker. better men than you have been Kev Hughes and died doing it. You should be strung up! I suggest an apology on Channel 4 news, a massive 6 figure donation to the Kev Hughes Memorial Fund and a naked streak at the royal wedding is the minimum I demand, DEMAND you hear!

    I am now taking this behind the scenes to discuss with selected other individuals and I not letting any of you others play. Stephen Seagull, you know who I'm talking about...yes you.

    Disgusted of Bucks.:pissedoff::pissedoff::pissedoff::pissedoff: