Can someone in Australia post me a letter please?....

My Grandad has just passed away. We are trying to contact his mate in Queensland about funeral details but cannot find where he put the bloody phone number. I have the address, but posted from the UK it would not reach Australia in time as the funeral is next friday im told.

I was thinking if it was posted witin Australia it would be quicker??

I will reimburse the full cost through Paypal if it is done.

So im asking anyone living within Australia if they could please post a note that I will PM.
You mate, have saved the day. I even got to send a personalized card, with the front cover being a spoof "Bullseye!" magazine, personalized headline, and uploaded a Grandad pic to it too. He is an old darts mate, so he will like that.

..oh, and it cost $11.05 Aus. for express next day 6 UK quid. Bargain!
putteesinmyhands said:
If you want to warn him off that he's going to receive the card, you could use this to find his phone number.

Presuming it's land-line.
I think we have the address mixed up here. If I put:

24 Kindred St, Alexandra Hills QLD 4162 into google maps....

I get:

24 Kindred St, Burwood Heights QLD 4161, Australia

Jimmy N Nelson
24 Kindred St
Alexandra Hills

.....this is what was written down, although I would believe he could c0ck it up without the hearing aid.

Now will it get to the addy or should I send another just in case? I suspect I have the wrong postcode.

Thank you all.

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