Can someone help me please?


Im a Master of Military History student at Kings College London and i need some help please. I need a specific article in electronic format from British Army Review, I know this is available on ArmyNet but of course im not in the army so no joy there. Is there anyone who could please cut and paste the article into an email for me? It is from the latest BAR, I dont know the exact title but it concerns Air power in Kosovo, the author is Anna Maria Brudenell. I could really do with this for my dissertation. Thanks for your help. :D
Much appreciated.

Here's the contact details for BAR:

HQDT (DT3(Pubs)),
Trenchard Lines (Bldg 187A),
Tidworth Garrison,
Upavon Pewsey,
(Tel: +44 1980 615056 Fax: +44 1980 615310)
and there was me thinking Anna Maria Brudenell was the Countess of Shrewsbury during Samual Pepys day!
Check your PM's look like you are out of luck

Before anybody out there gets all warm and helpfull, isn't BAR a "Restricted" publication?
Ive been informed my article is not in the June edition, It should be in the previous one in that case, sorry for the misinformation. Its definitely by this oddly named chick Anna Maria Brudenell. Im pretty sure BAR is not restricted, it is an open source journal its just hard to get hold of. I know for a fact that some university libraries have it. I really just need an electronic copy of this specific article i dont need general access myself. Nice one for noting information security awareness though! Anyone help?
cheers. :)
Jaeger said:
Before anybody out there gets all warm and helpfull, isn't BAR a "Restricted" publication?
Which is why I only gave contact details. I am pretty sure it isn't caveated in any way though, gets distributed to all sorts.

Canary, if you're having no joy it may be worth giving them a ring - they may be willing to mail you the article themselves.
The BAR on my table is not restricted.

Try your local careers office they may have one. The OCT may have a copy and you may find that the uni library has it in the back in a plain rapper with the other mucky stuff.
no joy on the telephone no-one there at 1530! or at the careers office, I would have thought the Army would make this easier to find! thanks for everyones continued help. :?
Jaeger said:
Before anybody out there gets all warm and helpfull, isn't BAR a "Restricted" publication?
Just like the restricted tribal maps spotted on Ebay! Or the restricted waste I'm forever picking up the recycling centre for! And the reverse of the resticted air chart my wee daughter had painted on at day care! :evil:
Doesn't ArmyNet have a policy that nothing is shown that is Restricted or above? Remember, guests can be sponsored.

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