Can someone grab me a pizza next time you're out?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by woopert, Feb 8, 2005.

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  1. Good skills! Good to see there's still some panache around (although slightly let down by the choice of pizza rather than something more up-market)
  2. Good to see his map reading skills are sharp...oh no they aren't. Thats because he landed in front of the Commandant of Sandhurst!!!!!
  3. Hope his girlfriend appreciates all the MOD money he spent on her. :lol:
  4. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. all very entertaining!! however does anybody actually think that the reports in the sun were acurate...... £10 grand? dont think so. especially when they included groundie wages in there. but we've all been there and done it, one way or another. like taking an entire convoy, including bowsers and cvrts through a maccie d's drive through in south germany.... got some funny looks mind.
  6. Good drills. Times like these are long gone and will be sorely missed. Flying over a beach in North germany and jumping out into the sea in front of loads of totty. Flying the whole sqn of Lynx to Fantasia Land for the weekend. May these days Rest In Peace
  7. Ten grand is a load of Sun bollocks, apparently according to the press release the scheduled LS was in STANTA anyway and STANTA isn't that big to cost an extra 10k.
  8. What a load of sh1te!! It cost no extra money (except for the cost of the pizza). The aircraft was scheduled to be there, the pilot was fully authorised to be there, so where does the extra 10k figure come from. Much ado about nothing. Good wheez, what??
  9. The pilot may well have been authed for the trip but its the norm for the commander to get the squiggle in the box. :wink: The minor question is what the pilot told the comd who then told the duty auth what the actual trip was all about? We've all been there I'm sure but most of us havent been caught in such a monumental way! Knowing the pilot fairly well, I'm sure he will be a tremendous asset to the Corps! In a way that Mandelson improved the profile of the Labour Party. 8O

    Agree on the cost side of life. 10K for a Lynx?? Did they get Nick Leeson to do the figures?? The cost factor is a non story as has been mentioned as it was going that way anyhow. But the Sun readers will be sheparded into it as they can relate it to their Giros and benifits claims.
    In all honesty, a trivial issue for the public at large but more of a question towards the pilot in questions integrity. When he becomes a flight commander (god forbid) and a junior rank appears before him charged with 'taking a diversion to the local Kebab shop in the duty wheels and misusing MOD property', what cred will he have?
    The guy is a clown and hopefully the exception as opposed to the rule in recent offerings of 'future leaders'.
  10. Flashy old bean - 90% of officers in our beloved Corps are clowns! Sounds like he'll fit in just fine! :lol:
  11. didn't realise you were such ap erfect leadership example flashy.

    Heard something about the pilots integrity or are you speculating?