Can someone give me a bit of advice?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Death_Rowums, May 25, 2006.

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  1. I'm looking into joining the TA, and have a place at University starting in September. I know that being in the TA whilst at University isn't a problem, but I'm a bit keen and want to get stuck into the TA as soon as possible. By sheer coincidence my local TA regiment and the one that will be local to my University are both infantry. What I want to know is would it be possible to join my local TA unit now and transfer come September?

    One more question; I'm hoping to apply as a regular officer once I complete my degree, and so am going to apply to be a TA officer to get a feel for it. However, I don't actually plan on being an infantry officer in the regular army, how hard is it to transfer to being a regular officer and change regiment?
  2. Why not join the OTC?
  3. There nearest one appears to be about 40miles away from the University whereas the local TA is about 2miles.
  4. If youre coming to scotland then get in touch with the summer challenge team and enrol on the officer training programme. you will be 75% of the way to your first pip by the end of the summer!

    If you're not then get in touch with your local unit and speak to them, they will let you know all the in's and out's. Training in a different unit as a recruit shouldn't pose too much of a problem as the recruit trg package is the same however just becasue your local unit is infantry and the unit near your university is infantry does not make them the same people. If you don't know how the Regimental system works then I suggest you get your head in some books and do your research.

    {any of the old and bold out there suggest a good source for young Rowums??}

    Be aware that the TA officer trg programme is very time intensive and will take you the best part of 1 1/2 - 2 years to complete depending on how quickly you pick it all up and when you are available to attend the three week TA Commissioning Course.

    You won't transfer to become a regular officer, you will go to sandhurst and complete the full RMAS commissioning course. The slate is wiped clean when you go to Sandhurst for your regular commission and you will have to resign your TA commission prior to joining the regs. You will need a sponsor unit/cap badge before you go and once there will be scrutinised just like all the other OCdts and will go through the same selection process to decide which cap badge you join on the other side.

    Before others jump in with all the usual tales of those going straight from TA commission to Regular - yes it can, has and does happen but it is rare and generally follows a period of FTRS or mobilised service where the officer in question has excelled and is asked to stay on by the regular unit. A bit different for Student Grant with three years of part time soldiering (Probably only 1 and a half commissioned) and then deciding to go full time!

    Good luck.
  5. Fair enough. To answer your questions then. I don't think you would have too much trouble transferring between TA Infantry battalions but you will not be too popular using up the meagre resources of one battlion if you only intend to stay for a few months. If you do become a TA Infantry officer it has no bearing on what you join if accepted in the Regular Army. You effectively leave the TA before joining Sandhurst. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  6. You don't state where you're going to university, however, if you fancy the challenge of getting into the airborne infantry go to and check out the info on that site. We have plenty of students in the Bn and they, very definitely, make the most of the opportunities that are available to them.
  7. Hi,

    Best bet is to simply visit your local squadron and ask them whether they mind, they probably will not as they get paid for you and bods through the door is a good thing. Transfer to another regiment or squadron is fairly straight forward (visit new one, talk to your old one and put in a request), but the paperwork can take forever - which can cause problems but I am sure admin types will find a solution.

    Regarding infantry and officer training - basic officer training is modelled on Infantry skills and drills as it is the easiest way for the Army to assess your leadership skills, and for you to demonstrate them. Getting a commission in the TA will probably take you around a year or more. Once you go regular, after uni (where many things will change), you will have to resign your TA commission, sign back-up and do RMAS for a year (although you may get seniority benefits(?) and you wont need to do the RCB again). Your infantry experience, plus officer training would certainly benefit you.

    Bizarely you may well commission while at uni (do it in first year while things are not too solid, third is a nightmare!), go to Afghan, Iraq, Iran, Japan as a young plt commander, resign your commission and go to RMAS as a red arse again - probably a walk in the park. Three or four years at uni is a fairly long time and a lot can change then.

  8. Wasn't a problem for me at all, 1st unit trained me upto LCpl level while at 6th form and the 2nd trained me upto Sgt whilst at university. The only person put out I think, was me as I (maybe) lost out twice on promotions.
  9. Are they the same regiment? getting through recruit training may be easier if they are. I got through recruit training in just over 4 months but things are a lot longer these days
  10. One thing if your at Uni, is that the OTC will be schedualed arround the Uni holidays and exam weeks where as a normal TA Unit will be understanding and so on, but what if the summer camp you need to go on clashes with your end of year exams?
  11. No they are not the same regiment. I am going to Lincoln university.

    When do summer camps normally take place? From what I gather from friends at Lincoln their exams are already over.

    Thanks very much for the advice.
  12. normally right after the exams to allow people to go home, spend the rest of their summer how they want, or allow smaller groups of cadets to crack on with training specific to them e.t.c

    Go for the otc and forget about the distance , do you not think that their might be other people at your prospective otc that also attend the same uni?? I've got a mate that is at uni in brighton but travels to London every week.

    Remember that otc is structured around the uni semesters, where as TA is constant through out the whole year. Right now in uni land its exam time, would you rather be;

    A) hitting the books on a saturday night till 2am?

    B) do some TA type stuff and then hit the pub, whilst earning vodka tokens at the same time?

    You might say to yourself now , ''If I go TA come exam time I will take time off'' , believe me (and im sure others will back me up) the TA can become addictive, especially for the skint student in dire need of booze tokens , remeber you are at uni to get a degree with a view to joining the army, as an officer, where 80-85% of sandhurst recruits now have a degree. You are not at uni to get a degree in TA studies , but to get the best degree you can achieve, so that if for what ever reason the army doesn't take you on, you have something to fall back on. As I said the otc is structured round uni time so two weeks from now (when exams are over) its going to be virtually non-stop until september ( when uni starts back).

    As you have said you want to be a subby, Why not become one in an OTC?? At my otc, glasgow, they're is a programme in place where the guys keen on a TA/reg career are offered the opportunity to get a commision in their third year. The otc gets a subby to do subby things, the subby gets the experience of life as a subby with minimal disrupption to uni work. Also otc's ( I know for a fact that glasgow and edinbrugh definetly do this) run mock rcb/tcb weekends, so when proper rcb/tcb comes around you've got a big advantage over number 19 who has come off civvy street and would not know an SA80 if it gubbed him in the chopps. Also if you are intent on going down the TA side of things you need to pass MTQ3, OTC's have dedicated MTQ3 cadres, in the past year and a half I've noticed a gradual increase in local TA regiments sending their potential officers to us to prep them for MTQ3/TCB. Have you spoken to your ULO yet? A fiver says he will tell you to go down the OTC route, and he is the man in the know.

    if you want anymore info on otc's or have any questions feel free to PM me.

    As a postscript after leaving school I tried to join my local RA battery whilst at uni and then join the regular REME, they told me to go off to the OTC , simply because they didn't have enough time to devote to officer cadets, this was in june 2002 when afghanistan was kicking off and Iraq was next on the cards, so Im just guessing but I reckon they have even less time now
  13. Also remeber, once you've done your first year (MTQ1) you can ask for attatchments to various units, or help units with exercises to get a general feel of different units.

    in the four years i've spent in an otc i've;

    -Gone on attatchment to an AS90 reg
    -Been Attatched to a regular REME workshop
    -Played enemy against regular engineers ( the bulid up training was excellent simply because two or three cadets were slotted , into a section an told to crack on)
    -Played enemy against TA Para's :omfg:
    -Been attatched to various cadet units
    -Played civ pop against the police
    -Spent several weekends with regular signals regiments learning what they do
    -live firing with the RATA that told me to got to the otc in the first place

    and hopefully some time later on in the year I will get an attatchment to a Tank reg.

    In some cases i've came back from these attatchments and thought I would never do that again, but I view this as a good thing because, when it comes time to make my choice of regiment, (im going full time, hopefully) i'm making an informed choice and will not end up somewhere that I utterly loath.

    These attatchments are fairly easy to get in an OTC becuase units are crying out for officers and see the OTC as the best recruiting ground.
  14. Distance shouldn't be a problem, I think East Midlands OTC put transport for their cadets in Lincoln but that may have stopped.

    Being in the TA was very good for me financially, I did two camps a year and spent many days during holidays in uniform (I was a Inf Sig and they like other support platoons have plenty of courses available). That was a while ago and ACF cadets may have priority on training camps during school hols, I've noticed many of my units students are frequently unable to attend camps.