Can someone explain please?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by down_under, Oct 3, 2007.

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  1. I have just been watching QPR V WBA and during some of the commentary it was said that some players are on loan to other clubs. What does this actually mean apart from the bleeding obvious, cause I am wondering how a player can go and perform for another club and still have his heart in it. If a player goes on loan to another club, is that other club a feeder team for them???? :?
  2. Poofball has nothing to do with heart matey - all about the cash, flash cars and the orange bitches.

    Money has replaced all that was once relevant in the national game, one minute they're kissing their badges and carrying on like pork chops, the next they're signing a "contract" for their rivals.

    Sound like AFL!?
  3. Indeed. Don't make the mistake of confusing 'professional sportlike occupation' with 'sport' itself. They may sound similar but...
  4. Notwithstanding ill- informed comments above, it generally means player cannot get a first team game for his own club and agrees to go 'on loan' to a lesser club to gain experience.

    Gaining club pays wages (or at least some of) and losing club retains ownership of player.

    As for loyalty to club, young players (like John Terry) often go on loan to lower leagues to learn their trade. Anyone who has JT play in blue could not question his loyalty - signed up for Chelsea v young and always been a Chelsea player except for a period at Nottingham Forest on loan as a youngster.

    Always nice to hear someone commissioned into one Army and now serving in another to talk about loyalty.

  5. Thanks mate. All understandable now.
  6. Touché.

    Tis sunny though!
  7. Commission conferred by the same Head of State ......

    (Helmet on, digging in)


    Ozduke et al, did you blokes receive new commissions when you switched over?
  8. Yep. One for both dunny walls!
  9. Two dunnys?, if either of them are indoor that makes you Royalty.
  10. Sunny here too. But rubbish and v sandy!!

    Hope Oz treating you all well. Would come across too (assuming could get in) , but wife won't let me!!
  11. Whats your point ? :)