Can someone advise me please :)

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Hello, right first of all i have applied to join the army as infantry, i had my formal interview yesterday and my candidate support manager rang me today saying i did well apparently and that she's going to recommend me for selection, but i have been doubting i want to go into infantry now, but i still want to be on the ground fighting so this is the things i want from the army and i was wondering if someone could help with what i want;

To be on the front line (or close to)
To have a trade also that works out well outside the army
Good banter and enjoyable job

and i know you're immediately thinking, well Royal Engineers of course or Royal Sigs, i know that but what roles in those Corps cover what i'm wanting?

I did my Cognitive test online and i got a score of 61, i have C's in English and Maths and when i went to the interview yesterday the interviewer said i could go for a whole load of jobs in the army, so nothing's really prohibiting me, btw i am 17 on the 29th of this month.

could someone help me thanks in advance
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