Can somebody please refresh my memory in regards to PlanEx

What is it that you have to document?

It has been some time since my briefing and my mind has completely gone.

From what I remember;

Aims - self explanatory. Listing them in order, as essential / desirable.

Factors - things that may affect you.

Courses - the courses that you have considered.

Plan - your final plan and why you have chosen to take that course of action.

Is there anything that i'm missing, or any of the above that is incorrect.

I've tried the search function, but it is one of the most difficult i've ever come across on a forum!

Think you've pretty much got it all except with the factors you need to include deductions:

Plane only has 5000L of fuel. so what? Can only fly 200 miles. So what? Only airport in range is Milan (your deduction).

Also, probably obvious, bit you also need to give a brief reason for discounting you possible courses of action to show why you chose your final solution.

Hope that helps and good luck!


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My father reminded me that we were fighting the Fantasians in his day, I know successors of mine still had a bash at them.

Any chance of writing a really good PlanEx and finding a way to win?
They run through a practice one the evening before lad, just make sure you get something down on paper and stick to it when getting questioned about it. There is no perfect answer so just argue thr case. The important thing is to get atleast one complete plan down on the page!

Good luck!
If I can give a tip...

Remember EVERYTHING from the situation. And I mean everything. At my Main Board, I followed the Army's PlanEx technique and as I read through I took note of all specific details that would enhance my knowledge of the situation.

If Johnny the Terrorist Drives a Red Toyota, remember it.
If Sally has a dog, remember it.
Remember the name of the rare elephant seal that you were observing and at what time.
Remember what you did at all times stated.

When the Group Leader is grilling you because you didn't know why there were seagulls in the pantry in March, you'll know why it's important!

(Obviously none of these things are in any plan I've ever seen, but the seagulls in the pantry sounds interesting.)
Hi Folks,

Has anyone got the solutions to Plan Ex 'OP SPHENISCUS'? I can't find a copy with solutions to check against anywhere....



EDIT: Actually never mind, thinking about it, most people had to hit the plan ex with only the tutorial the night before...might as well knuckle down and do the same.
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