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I was just looking at the Get Fit for the Army programme and read something that I don't know how to implement practically. On Level 3, Week 1, Day 3 it asks you to alternate running hard for intervals of 1, 2 and 3 minutes. The problem I'm having is, is it asking me to train for 1 min and rest for 1 min as well? So forth with running for 2 minutes etc. As that's how I'm interpreting it at the moment.

There's that along with another problem. How many times do I repeat this? Should just run for 1 min, then 2 min and then 3 and finally finish at that. Or carry on a few more times?

Cheers lads for the quick response. I'm currently at Level 2, Week 2 and have completed Day 1 of it today. At this stage I've identified my lack of an attempt at stretching as I don't really know how to do it properly. When I used to attempt it I would cool down too quickly before I even finished the whole pre exercise stretches.

I've gathered I should repeat the routine till exhaustion and should attempt some more whilst fatigued. Is it okay if I rest between sets? Sometimes I'll do 8+ sets but become too tired to carry on immediately. So I allow myself an extended recovery time to gather my breath back. Though I do still carry on after that till the workout is complete.

You're joining the Army, not the boy scouts. Map out a three mile route and aim to do it as fast as you can, you need to be doing sub 18 minutes three times a week, map out a six mile route less than 70 mins twice a week, map out a twelve mile route less than 160 mins once a week. Take the last day off.


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It's basic! Run and speed walk 1.5 miles in 15 mins, then run the return as fast as you can and note time. Repeat: Always 15 mins out but you should get quicker back. Once you can do the return leg in sub 9 mins, start distance, 5 miles none stop running, then 8 miles to increase stamina. Then put a rucksack on your back with 20lbs....increase to 30 in week 3. You will then be ready to piss it.

I always had about 6 wanks a day too, but then I was super fit back then!
And if you believe that bollocks above I have a piece of the Turin Shroud you may be interested in..............
Turin Shroud you say? Must be counterfeit. I'm currently using the original piece as bog roll. Smooth as teflon and reduces irritation.

On to more serious matters. Luckily I've got just the routes in mind that fit those distances CQMS. Though it's all on pavement and that sort of stuff.

Try and find some off route runs as well. You'll both feel the difference and avoid smashing your shins and knees to shit - leave that for the Army to do!!
So what capbadges do/did you guys belong to?

I can use my local park's football pitch. Though I reserve that for short distance and mid distance stuff. I can't bear to run laps around that for long distance events. May try running around the perimeter of the park's green space instead.


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