can/should we class them as terrorist

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by predatorplus, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. yes, stops the chavs now!!

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  2. no, as im a chav.

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  1. I was around my grandmother’s house, and she was watching a program, they had a man on there that was charged with assault after punching a man who had broken into his house at night. This then go me thinking, should/can these yobs/chavs be classed as terrorists? We are told that terrorist don’t have to be of a certain religious background.

    Im positive that everyone on this site would do the same as this man, if they where in his position, (so would I) but people in the forces (not me yet) put their lives on the line day after day to defend this country but if you was to defend the country from chavs you would be charged with assault and possibly serve a prison sentence and lose you position within the forces. This doesn’t just count for the forces but members of the public who want to make their streets a safe place by dealing with these people who are breaking the law and are anti-social so and so.
    So can they or should they be classed as terrorists?

    Under the Terrorism Act 2000 describes an act of terrorism as:
    1-B: Chavs intimidate member of the public, make people (especially the old) scared to leave their house. E.g. stopping an ambulance form getting an old man, who has had a heart attack, from getting to the hospital.
    1-C: they want to advance their chavness by forcing people to put up with their behaviour.

    2-A: attacking people beating them, half to death ‘just for the fun of it’ (advance happy slapping). E.g. throwing stones and rocks at a father and son playing cricket
    2-B: breaking into homes, or throwing rocks etc at a house. E.g. a brick through my living room window.
    2-C: advance happy slapping, throwing rocks at homes.
    2-D: vandalising train tracks.
    2-E: again vandalising train tracks

    3: well, in London kids shooting kids, could knife attacks come under this?

    So in my opinion the actions of (the majority) chavs can be classed as terrorism. So, if America can class an Iran military force as terrorist, why can we do the same with chavs and the ASBO lot?
  2. shoot them all thats all i can say.
  3. I have more respect for terrorists. At least they believe in a cause. Whether that cause is right or not in ours eyes is another story but they obviously think so and many are willing to die for that cause. Scum on our streets are the lowest of the low. It wouldn't bother me in the slightest to personally shoot every last one of them in the face. In fact, i would enjoy it.
  4. No.

    They are just common criminals.
  5. What is needed is a cull.... they will be the parents of part of the next generation. Cull them now, or neutar them. Either way we are doing society a favour.
  6. What??? Chavs??? Not sure what you mean, but, if they’re the same as scrotes, babbling aliens and feckless anti-social irreverent sh1ts, I presume they’re carbon based life forms, designed to perambulate on two legs and in theory capable of shooting back? Hence no problem, there’s millions of the b@stards, improve the planet – particularly our bit, shoot all you want :thumright:

  7. I made this point in a letter to Bliar (which he foisted on to the Home Office who could not give a fcuk). Chavs/scrotes etc are WORSE than terrorists, because the are insidious, tolerated, and nobody shoots the tw4ts.
  8. I agree wholeheartedly - so shoot them anyway :twisted:
  9. I second that. Id also have all the chav sluts steralised so they could produce any more of the fckers!!
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Thirded. In actual fact, there was a Chief of Polis on the news last night who (as near as he could get to it without losing his job) said that it is up to the population to take back their streets and stop putting up with this. He also intimated that we can't rely on the Polis to do it, because there's not enough of them available because of paperwork. He sounded like the fuzz version of Sir Richard Dannat IMHO. Deserves a promotion if you ask me. He was the guy who coined the phrase 'feral kids'.

    The answer is to do your thing, but be prepared to return home to collect a baseball bat.
  11. Rather than beating the crap outta them and leaving physical evidence, cant we just give them a damn good kicking in the gonads ???

    Saves NHS the cost of operations to sterilise the male of the species and when he is down on the floor crying for his mommy, get out the camera phone, video it and then tell him to sort himself, get a job, be a decent member of society OR it gets put on the internet then throw him out the back of a moving vehicle late at night.

    Almost forgot, when you get home, post the video anyways.
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I heard that a good kick in the nads, followed by being stripped naked and a short heli ride over to the South Wales hills and a quick drop works well, allegedly.
  13. The problem is is that the police can tell you to stick up for yourself but the courts will punish you severely if you do. The law is on the side of the offender not the offended.
  14. Fally one of my muckers is doing a stretch just now. There is a lad in his block who is in for murder and all he was doing was ptotecting his family from a gang of yobs. I don’t know the exact details but basically his son was being harrased, bullied and receiving regular beatings from a gang of neds, to the point where the tried to or did knife him. After being reported to plod the gang wanted revenge, so turn up at the house tooled up, shouting abuse, trying to kick in the font door etc.

    The blokes in there with his family and wants to protect them, especially his son whos about to get the good news with either a baseball bat or a blade. Im not sure whether our man got a kitchen knife of his own or whether it was one of the neds, but basically after a struggle one of the neds went down and later died.

    As you said, the law favours the offender and not the offended. I know if that was me and my family were in jeapordy especially one of my kids, Id do almost exactly the same - the only difference is that if I was going down for murder anyway, Id make sure I killed every one of the cnuts!!!

    I think one of the main problems is that a huge number of these neds are under 16 - instantly that gives them an advantage and the use it like they are farkin untouchable!!
  15. Agreed.

    That the goverment etc. do not punish enough. Simple as.