can Royal Anglians Do P cpmpany ?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by bradley 16, Sep 20, 2010.

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  1. im 16 and hoping to go into the royal anglians in january and just wanted to know if the royal anglians has the chance to do p coy
  2. Im sure any one in the infantry can go do pcomapny.

    But just let someone else give you the right answer
  3. The answer is no...anyone suffering from any form of physical disability cannot do P company, and as the Anglians are recruited from Norfolk and Suffolk, they all have webbed fingers. Better off going for the Commando Course ;)
  4. And on a serious note.... "as well as an all-arms course for Regular and Territorial troops."
  5. The anglians are a good regiment mate so shut up all i want to know is if there able to do p company
  6. 'they're'. And yes.

    Mind you, this is the kind of question that you should probably use at your interview when down at Army Careers. At the end of the interview when he says 'and do you have any questions?' you can use that time to find out anything of particular interest (like P-company or maybe something about education whilst you're in).
  7. No your not allowed because you didn't ask nicely.
  8. Is this the beginning of a long and painful wind-up from a bored Arrser?
  9. So So why havent you asked your recruiter this question?? since its monday and they are open.
  10. alos there is live army chat you can use.

    And if you want to do p coy why not just go straight to the paras.
  11. Badge collecting? Must be as you won't get paid extra.
  12. Bradley 16, He's having a laff with you, why take things so seriously. you wouldnt last 2 minutes in the army if u cant hack a bit of friendly banter. Grow up.

  13. Fixed it for you
  14. Oh dear, a raw nerve...considering I am originally from the Royal Anglian recruiting area, my nephew is currently serving with them and I had the choice to join them or the RGJ (chose the RGJ coz they are better...coz I read it on the interweb thingy ;)) I think I am allowed to take the micky :)

    Up the poachers!!

    PS, my nephew has webbed toes coz he was born upside down ;)

    Oh..and I did make clear it was a joke and I did answer your question....
  15. The basic answer is: Yes, you can.

    Good luck and work hard.

    P.S. Don't jump out of a plane until you've lightened up a little.