Can Rossi still do it?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_guru, Jul 24, 2006.

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  1. After his DNF last night at Laguna, does anyone think Valentino can still retain the championship? I think he still has a chance but he now needs to rely on Hayden to DNF in at least one race. And while we are on a biking theme, is anyone going to Assen for the WSB?
  2. I reckon Rossi will do it, don't much want him to but agree with a knowledgeable mate that, "wouldn't it be great if the two Repsol Hondas crashed into each other and took out Rossi, then the championship will be more open"

    (Oh, that was you! Hope you enjoyed the break away)

    Before Assen in Sep, is anyone doing WSB at Brands Hatch over 5/6 August? The Po Boys are playing on Sat night so should be awesome weekend.
  3. I hope he can still do it. I sat until 2345 the other night to watch the DNF, gutted for him. What did annoy me is Julian ryder and Toby Moody were over the moon when his tyre went off, then they completely messed themselves when the bike died. Every race it's the same slagging until he wins. Fingers crossed for highsides from Hayden and that little sh1t Pedrosa.

    Not going to Assen for WSBK as I went for the MotoGP, Mrs Mirkin only allows one!
  4. No and No.....

    My cash is on Barry Sheene....
  5. Thankyou for that enthralling insight into your intelligence.......c0ck!
  6. I have to take issue with that. Toby Moody gets harder than Chinese Algebra every time that Rossi is in the screen. I even asked Julian Ryder to ask him to tone it down a bit when I met him at Donington.
  7. Ha Ha.......... Touchy... !!! Just because I don't have too much interest in Rossi and Malandri, it doesn't mean you have to question my my intelligence... I'm hurt now.

    GO BARRY.........!!!
  8. I feel I must defend S_S. He attended the GP at Donny with me a couple of years back and his bike and kit were from the Sheene (RIP) era.
  9. pffftt....!! There was nothing wrong with my Bandit, I'll have you know.....

    It could go as fast as 80MPH - Far too fast for my liking...
  10. Back to the Original question...Can Rossi still do it? Well I would have to say if anyone can Rossi can..Regardless it should make for some brillsville viewing, watching him try. I dont mind if Nicki Hayden wins it, but as Mr Mirkin pointed out, I hope that little scrote Pedrosa dont! Personally I would like to see Casey Stoner be a bit more consistent, and possibly beat up Dani Pedrosa in a "whose the best from the 250 class" kinda paddock brawl. Wearing leathers and half face helmets, in somewhere like quatar.

    Now back to serious issues... Barry Sheene type leathers and a Suzuki bandit? Errrrrmmmmmmmm
    Bandit yes Barry Sheene leathers only in the dark!!!!!

  11. I don't recall saying I had Barry Sheene leathers, though The Guru did imply it. A sturdy jacket and a knackered pair of jeans were all I needed when red-lining at 45 MPH...!
  12. 45 MPH Your talking crap man..... Thats just a stupidly outrageous speed...your just being dangerous now...STOP IT! :D :D
  13. If you wondered how Dani Pedrosa was so fast at Laguna having never races there before, well he had a little help.....

    Plus that minx behind in the sunnies, is none other than Blade owner and most beautiful laydee in the world, Catherine (JAG) Bell
  14. Todays race at Brno was a great one for the championship. The first real dice between Rossi and Pedrosa on track and Rossi came out tops. Terrible day for Hayden and it has tightened the championship back up. Haydens lead over Pedrosa down to 38 over Rossi. He took 13 pts out of him today. 3 more races like that and it'll be gone with 2 races left.
  15. But now it's that little bit closer, I think it'll go down to the last race of the season but Rossi can he still do it.... of course he can do absolutly anything on a bike !