Can reservists fly ?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Trossachs, Sep 7, 2006.

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  1. This pic of a casevac in Afghanistan was sent to me by an american friend. The helicopter is from the Pennsylvania National Guard - they also have 2 Bn of Apache FFS !!

    - Apologies if anyone thinks this should be in the aviation forum but I thought it was too good !

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  2. I think it's fair to say that that gets a "good work fella" from this call-sign.
  3. An excellent job; I just hope it wasn't by Photoshop, which it probably was.
  4. Nope, pretty standard really!
  5. it reminds me of shots of Vietnam firebase resupply,

    Alot of things are starting to make me compare Vietnam to 'Stan.

  6. Better hope them embers don't set the building on fire :D ,
  7. Oh well, still damn good flying !

    The wierd co-incidence there is that I spent time in Bosnia with 10th Mountain. They were replaced by the Texas NG who also had a heap of helicopters. They deployed a Bn each of Apache, Kiowa Warrior and Blackhawk ! Now that is really investing in your reserves !
  8. Pilot was US National Guard, although his usual day-job was also flying (Yank equivalent of HEMS)

    All in a days work for a CH47 pilot (ours and theirs), there are plenty more examples of this type of hover (ridges, winch holes, etc) - no photoshop trickery required !!! :wink:
  9. My apologies for being a cynic; excellent work.
  10. However, please feel free to rip the lash out of the 10th Mountain Division ...

    ... the mountain troops who, famously, 'Don't do Mountains' ... :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. And your point is?

    The US ANG is bigger than the entire British forces?

    STAB Yanks pilots are better than us?

    Youre a cock?
  12. It's a fcuking big wind vane.
  13. None of the above. My point is that the US invests heavily in its reserves and gets damn good service out of them. We have TA helicopter pilots with near obsolete gazelle and no published plan as to what happens when gazelle is finally withdrawn. A valuable asset - a pile of ex regular trained helicopter pilots - potentially going to waste.
  14. The RAF has reservist aircrew flying Hercules at Lyneham.

    they are mostly ex-reg aircrew who fly with airlines as their primary job.