Can primetime TV get any sexier than this?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by cheesypoptart, Nov 7, 2006.

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  1. I was hoping to watch the final Christopher Ecclestone episode of Dr. Who when I came across Battlestar Galactica. Holy cow, I wish I was a Cylon - look at those actresses' brea...faces. Who've we go? Billy Piper? I'll never watch that BBC pish again.

    Who here thinks Dr. Who is better? Everything from the stilted dialogue to the stupid music now gets to me after watching its American competitor.

    Galactica must be about a hundred times grittier and more suspenseful than Lost. Someone's put up all the third season episodes on YouTube. Masterful television.
  2. What the fcuk!!!! Do you realise what website you are on??? Do you wish to get abused for being a sci-fi geek??? I realise this site isn't as funny as it used to be, but why???

    I'm sure if you wanted to make this post, that you could of found a better site. if you wanted titheaded fems, then there are plenty on

    really, have you read the other threads???
  3. Face it. BSG is the TV show of the Gods. It knocks the socks off anything else but I wouldn't say Dr Who is tosh. It just isn't BSG. And don't listen to indoubitabley, you are okay if you whisper.
  4. Gentlemen.............Get your fecking selves to the pub and sort your sad tawdry lives out.
  5. Battlestar Galactica is an excellent series, and well worth watching, if for nothing else then at least just for the chance to look at the absolute sex-goddess that is Tricia Helfer.

  6. I'm not knocking his choice of shows he likes (if everyone was the same, life would be boring, plus, we'd have no Mlar'rs to laugh at).

    I'm just questioning whether this is the best place to state his preference of Sci-Fi programmes.

    The internet is a big place, why here???
  7. Yeah. Nice pic. If you get yourslves down the pub, you may even find that there are real ladies who after a pint or 2 become just as good looking as the bint above.

    I bet you all have a left handed mouse too!
  8. You see him;
    That's you lot that is.
  9. I didn't start on here tonight 'til after the bar closed, which was a NAAFI bar, and christ, there was only 2 girls in. One must have a hoop that could be rented out for the traveling circus's 'House of Horrors' (dare you enter???), and the other was the gwar NAAFI barmaid, who has a problem with squaddies, and i think passed the 'dirty look with hands on hip's for asking for a double' course with distintion.
  10. Knock, knock. Who's there? Someone who gives us pig's arse about what you think? Doesn't look like it! :p

    Joking aside, us sci-fi nerds are a proud bunch. And I have no qualms about my allegiance. It's like being gay. You can't choose it. Because it's a disease.

    I'll be buggered if I come home and watch the bloody military channel. No bloody way. When I watch my military-themed TV shows, I want them to have gorgeous women in them. Any man who doesn't appreciate good storytelling coupled (with the hottest Asian bird on television) needs to have his nads examined!

    Anyway, I must tend to my wife. Just a minute ago, I printed out a mask with Grace Park's face on it and I'm this close to persuading her to wear it in bed while she holds me in her Vulcan death grip.
  11. The new version of BSG is all too dark and 'realistic' and full of innuendo about today's political situations, etc. etc.. disguised as sci-fi..

    I want escapist stuff to unwind to..

    I miss the shiny plastic suits and the laser eyes and the metallic voices going " By Your Command " and the little spacehips flying all around the phony star backgrounds.. Loved those old Cylons.. glad robots were so expenmdable since they were such crap shots and Boomer, Apollo and Starbuck piled on the ' kills ' like fantasy WWI aces..

    Now Starbuck's had a sex change and its all gone too ' deep ' to be enjoyable..

    will admit that I'm hooked on " Heroes " after 7 episodes, though...
  12. I only got Sky because of the ammount of Sci Fi, I do have a real life and have never been considered a geek, I also have children and would rather they watched BSG, SG1, any Star Trek, Dr Who, Torchwood etc than taudry soaps. I have two daughters and I would rather they watch programmes with strong female role models instead of pram pushing chavs.

    My son and I like our women hot and nails so it's a win win situation. If you don't like it turn over. If you don't think boomer Starbuck and the blonde Cylon are hot it's time to question your sexuality.
  13. Its all about having control over the remote control, women watch their soaps and men watch whatever to regain control over the remote to the point of watching such dross for so long that they eventually (after 7 episodes or so) get hooked on it!
    I also like a bit of sci fi but i dont feel the urge to talk about it on an army site, if it had full shown penetration sex then i would be first to post!
    People watch too much tv, get out more or get fat!

  14. God help us mate get a life and down load some real decent movies such as anything by the master director and actor Rocco Stiegfried or anything in the GGG of 666 series. Please tell me you posted this in the Naafi by mistake .,