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Can Parking eye actually fine you ?

Did I not already say this?

They can get it enforced through a court if they can prove it was that person who parked the vehicle.

At which point, I'm assuming you know that non payment of a due amount as ordered by a court can be acted upon accordingly (bayliff etc)

While they 'might' be able to get an actual factual of who was driving a company vehicle, as a private individual 'fucked if I know' is a complete defence.
I may be wrong but I understand that you can only be fined after being found guilty of an offence by a Magistrate or Judge in a Court of Law in the UK, nez par!!
Civil Enforcement Ltd are trying it on with me at the moment.
They can send demands for money but thats about it. In my case I parked a works van in a Pizza Hut car park for 22 minutes at 6am for kip.
They demanded £75 or £140 if not paid in 14 days, no intention of paying.

Even if they tried to get it to court its very slim odds that they would win the case. They won't bother, they just cash the cheques of those who are intimidated into paying.

A Worker

War Hero

This is an information page for the thousands of people who receive "tickets" from private companies in the UK ever day at supermarkets, retail parks, and in any other privately-owned carpark.

We are NOT encouraging anybody to openly flout parking restrictions on private land, or to refuse to pay reasonable charges for parking. Landowners have a right to make reasonable charges for the use of their land.

For advice specific to your case, you should visit the forums at FightBack Forums or Private Land Parking Enforcement.

Parking Tickets, Fines & Parking - Forums

1. What you should know about these companies

It is important to remember that private parking companies (or PPCs as they are often called) have NO OFFICIAL POWERS - that's right, none at all! They give out their "tickets" on the basis that you have seen the signs in their car park and that you have therefore agreed to a contract obliging you to pay a certain sum of money.

2. What happens to people who don't pay?

In 99.9% of cases, absolutely NOTHING! The company pays the DVLA £2.50 to get your address, and then sends lots of threatening letters. In the main, these letters can be safely IGNORED. The only way the company can actually force you to pay is by taking you to the small claims court, which costs them even more money. And they are by no means guaranteed to win! And they practically never do.

The two main reasons for this (among others) are the following:

- Only the person DRIVING the car could ever have agreed to any such parking contract. The company can only get the Registered Keeper's address from the DVLA: you don't have to tell them who was driving.

-Many of these charges are so extortionately high that they constitute a penalty, which is unenforceable in a consumer contract.

3. Can they affect my credit rating?

NO! The only way your credit rating could be affected by ignoring private parking companies is if you were taken to court, lost, and then still refused to pay. But they will not take you to court.


The vast majority of the time, you can safely IGNORE tickets from private parking companies, they are not official fines.

The vast majority of the time, you can safely IGNORE the threatening letters, including those from debt collection agencies.

You DO NOT have to pay a penny of your hard-earned money to these companies. Remember that the chances of being taken to court are very slim indeed.

If you receive real court papers from a private parking company (very rare) then you should go to FightBack Forums or Private Land Parking Enforcement for help defending the claim. Do not be afraid to sign up and ask questions regarding any paperwork you are not sure about.

Don’t believe the above? Watch a solicitor on Watchdog advising you what to do with the scam invoices.

How to deal with Penalty Charge Notices issued by private companies - YouTube


Only the Police, Courts or Council’s can fine you. NOT a private company, please remember that.
Time of thread starting 03:17 **** me you must have some weird dreams to think up this shite at that time of the morning.

That's right bob ... A guardian angel told me in a dream to go and tell people how to avoid being ripped off in supermarket car parks. :wink:
That's right bob ... A guardian angel told me in a dream to go and tell people how to avoid being ripped off in supermarket car parks. :wink:

Perhaps your guardian angel should have told you to use the search function? ;-)
Nez par? "Nose by"? Or "N'est ce pas?"

Whatever! I,m English, not a bleedin Frog, and stop being so pass remarkable, I was just taking the piss, or is that not allowed any more on this site.
Anyone else know about this firm that try it on with the weekly shopper ?

No.1 son got a demanding letter from this lot last week and asked my opinion, knowing that I've had a few rows about parking. They can't fine you, the £80 demanded is a penalty (and not allowed under civil contract law), the letter is an invoice from a private firm posturing as some authority and they could only get any money by issuing a County Court summons, which would cost them far, far more than they will ever get back. Generally, they just send threatening letters and give up before the court stage.

The short answer , and my advice, was that they're con artists preying on the gullible and that he should ignore them. I did have a browse on the internet (Pepipoo, MSE, etc) and there were two interesting comments. One was a comment made by a shop assistant at a retail park to the poster; she said she'd had 14 such demands and had ignored them all. The other was someone who had been dragged through the County Court by them after receiving two demands. Their demands were ruled to be an unenforceable penalty by the Registrar/Court judge type person and the defendant owed them the cost of two parking tickets (i.e., pay & display tickets) and the £2.50 cost of getting his details from the DVLA. Since he hadn't paid that, he also incurred the costs of their summons, about £95, but not their legal costs. Their legal costs were in excess of £2,000. The result is that they usually don't bother with the County Court bit, see above.

We'll be ignoring them, I'll report back if anything significant happens (other than more impressive looking threatening letters).
LIDL have many such car parks, that are essentially free, even if you go over the 90 minutes allowed. They are so convenient and near real shops too.

I must have had 30 or 40 of these 'speculative' invoices, and I've never paid any of them.

Of course the truly obnoxious thing is where these companies bill shop staff for parking. There is a car park in Valley Park, and on that retail park there are several other stores, one being a boots the Chemist. The pharmacist told me he parked his car there overnight as he was doing a night emergency service shift there and got a bill for £70. He told them he wasn't going to pay it as he was staff working nights. They pursued it through Boots HR and they took it out of his pay.

His union, USDAW are taking up the case.
I like the clever little chequered edging border that goes all the way around on their bullshit invoices to give the impression that they are the Law.
It becomes illegal on the 1st of October.

You will see speculative invoicing of cars go through the roof.

Didn't know about this one. Been warned off a couple of times while waiting in a wagon on some industrial estates with parking restrictions. Thankfully they have given me benefit of the doubt first and given me time to bugger off before clamping but it does happen. So as from Oct 1 no more and it's back to parking where the **** i want then?
So we just need to work on the gits in Brighton who lift the entire car onto their wagon and bugger off to the pound with it.
So we just need to work on the gits in Brighton who lift the entire car onto their wagon and bugger off to the pound with it.

Surely unless they are from the "authorities" that is theft or something very similar.

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