Can over the counter Flu remedies go Bang?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by POGscribbler, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. In Boots to get some Day and Night nurse for Mrs PoGS Mum & Partner who both have the galloping lurgy.

    Ask Pharmacist for two sets as they where both ill No she said the law has changed and you can't buy more than one at any one time.

    Well I'll just have to go out and walk back in or go to the shop down the road, I thought.

    A she was serving me she said confidentially its limited not for medical reasons it's just that the day nurse part has stuff in it that if you get it in a enough quantity terrorists can make it into bombs.

    She seemed sane and very earnest.

    So is there any truth in it or what?

  2. You would need lots and lots and fcuking lots.
  3. buy enough diesel and fertilizer......

    buy enough petrol and soap flakes......

    buy some propane/butane.......

    and you'll have enough bang stuff to hurt people.

    seems paranoia(sp) to me. Damned ineffective method of stopping people buying too much.
  4. Not sur about it going bang but be very wary if you are partaking in competative sports because they can give a positive reading on a random drugs test.
  5. If someone really wanted glycerol in quantity, they might have better luck with these. Although someone buying them in quantity at a counter would probably be rather memorable..
  6. For all the good they are, you might as well shove them up your Arrse.

    My doctor told me to put two up my back passage every morning but the postman kept treading on them.
  7. and there was me thinking that the restrictions were in place because of the paracetamol content. You can only buy one packet at a time to prevent deliberate overdose blah blah blah.

    edited to add a paracetamol linky thingy
  8. Most likely the other theory that drug fiends would be hoovering up batches of Day Nurse and the like just to extract the pseudoephedrine and ephedrinene content and turn it into Crystal Meth.
  9. ChestEze work better :D

    There are limits on buying all sorts of pills. Apparently it's to stop people overdosing. Then again, if someone is that stupid that they can't pop into different shops to stock up, perhaps they should be allowed to commit suicide.
  10. With Blogg on this.

    Big problems in Septicland, coming to a small town near you according to the Daily Mail recently. As long as there are lots of chemist shops there. With lots of different staff. And no centralised ordering system that automatically flags up suspicious patterns.
  11. it's something to do with junkies taking loads of it.
  12. Was asked a question about HMP Maze and the NG tablets some of the guests needed for heart complaints. Answer - they'd be dead long before they could make any bang stuff - which isn't a simple as it sounds anyways and the NG actually evaporates.

    Sounds like a load of nonsense as the terrorist would need to ask for sulphuric and nitric acid to make the NG - if he/she/it could get the glycerin (which is commercially available anyway).
  13. You used to be able to by glycerin in Boots the chemist.

    If you wanted to and were a trusted student you could then borrow some sulphuric and nitric acid from the school chemistry lab and try to make big bang stuff.

    Thank goodness it never worked :D

    mind black powder was something else :p