Can Officers refuse promotion?

I know this is an odd question. But surely there are some officers out there that would wish to stay as Lieutenant/Captain/Major and not go higher? Are they forced or coerced to promote in any way if they would rather stay doing the more 'interesting stuff' on the 'frontline'? (Infantry). I just can't help thinking some officers feel they would not be happy going into a staff job. Also, do officers move from regiment to regiment often to gain a more general grounding? Or can they just choose to stay in their original regiment if thats their wish? Thanks.


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If this is not a "WAH", get yourself to your ACIO.
Were that a possibility the line formations would require doctors specializing in geriatrics rather than medics...
Join as a non-grad. Ooodles of time to command blokes and dash about the place doing fun stuff. By the time they drag you over the staff bridge, you're so knackered you don't want to fight it any more!
Promotion isn't automatic, but I doubt anyone could find the line between not being good enough to promote, but good enough to extend their Commission type. From Captain to Major would be easier to avoid (don't do your education for one), but being kept at RD and not sent to training regiments or staff jobs as an increasingly senior captain would also be tricky...

In short, I don't think you can refuse promotion, but you could be denied it, which would also jeapardise your length of commission (not extended beyond 4 year SSC, not granted extensions to 8 year point in increments or a oner, not given IRC to 16 year point, not given Reg C to retirment).

Also, you would eventually hit the max seniority for rank and never get a pay rise again...although to hit Capt +9 would see you near to end of IRC point anyway.

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