Can NON PTI NCOs give Press Ups

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by fazer600sy, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. Just want to clear up a question I had from a private soldier, can a Non PTI NCO (Cpl/LCpl) give press ups to private soldiers if so is there a rule too how many?, I know in the past it could be done but was unsure about now, the rumour seems to be a max of 10 press ups.

    Can any one clarify this?
  2. Yes thats true the reason its 10 is because anymore would declare a warm-up and obviously you need to be a pti to conduct or you could just ship the private off to the nearest friendly PTI and have a quiet word in the PTI's ear before he/she gets there
  3. Why whinge?

    In the time it takes to moan, you could bash out a lot mroe than 10 press ups. 10 isn't going to give a lasting detriment to your health, is it.
  4. True, Praetorian, but it does - and I hate myself for saying it - create a liability issue for any JNCO/SNCO who thinks he can have press-ups banged out on order. Let physical punishment be doled out by those who have the training and insurance to cover it.

    I agree with your point wholly, but the modern world doesn't. :-(
  5. The podgy cnut probably needs the training anyway. I find the only people who whinge are tarts and lardies... Or even worse both!
  6. Good grief. Please tell me this is a wind up?

    Can we please make sure that only people who have passed the HSE handling course and have the training and insurance are issued with live rounds in future?
  7. So, that'll be your WHT then? :p
  9. Perhaps a bloke from the RLC with an ammunition handling qualification could load for me?

    Actually that's quite a good idea, like double gunning on a big driven day (not that I ever have).
  10. 10 sounds reasonable.

    Oi, Pte Fcukdust down and give me ten.

    Right up on your feet and stand to attention for 5 minutes.

    Oi, Pte Fcukdust down and give me ten.

    Continue until fatty has learned his lesson.

    Does it say how long the gap needs to be before a further ten can be issued before it concidered fizz? ;)
  11. Or it could be - Oi fcukwit get down and push me 10.

    Right on your feet - too slow - another 10.

    On your feet up - around the square TWICE - too slow - another 10.

    fazer600sy - tell the **** to stop wingeing and take the punishment - fkn mamby pamby Army its getting.

    BT. :shakefist:
  12. As long as you give em 2min your safe so just occupy them for 2 mins like running lengths with a toolbox or f**k off spanner above there head as long as it's heavy it works TRUST!!! :strong: :thumright:
  13. As far as my unit goes only qualified pers can give pressups

    We get round this by going over excecise drills, as any NCO can get guys to practice leopard crawling or pairs fire manouveres - they'll soon be wanting the 10 press ups back.