Can my machine handle it?

Hi everyone, i'm currently running BF2 on my computer and after many moons of non-use I've decided to update the patches to enable me to play online. On top of that, I am also thinking about downloading the Project Reality mod, mainly so I don't get bored with the platform. The question is: can my machine handle it? I'm currently running it with XP, and it has an AMD athlon 64 bit (single-core) processor. Will that be enough?

well if your currently running bf2 then why would you not be able to run it with patches and project reality, i dont think the requirements changed,also why are you even playing bf2 without project reality its complete shite
OK cheers for that- I'm running bf2 without PR as I only found out about it last week- I'm not that much of a PC gamer tbh


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If your PC can handle it already, the only thing likely to slow it down online is a rubbish connection or big, busy multiplayer maps. Providing your on a decent broadband ISP and you've never had issues with funny textures or slowdowns at key moments in single player, you're laughing.
OK thanks again- now to persuade the long-haired sunray that i need to update it :x
Advice would be splash out a dual core upgrade, cheap as chips on ebay

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