Can my leave be cancelled?

No where! If you need to do a PFA then get it done. I'm sure if you tried you could have arranged to do it another time or come in during your leave to do it if you are local.
Hierarchy tried to make me cancel my leave to attend a PFA, I chose not to cancel it and now they are trying to charge me. Where do i stand?? Heeeeelp
Was it authorised via JPA, if so print off and retain.
How much notice were you given to get to your unit?
Did you just piss off or have they phoned you to get back?

Have they warned you for orders yet?
EDIT: sorry, re read have you actually had the leave? As said, either you have a rigid CofC or theres a bit more gone on. I've known people to do a PFA with just a call to the gym a day or two before.
So what are you not telling us? Had other chances to do it but couldn't be arsed or failed it previously? in my experience there is usualy a bit more that goes on before somone gets told to cancel their leave for a PFA!
Thought it had to be for Operational reasons if your leave is going to be cancelled? (Thats just what I've heard)
If I was you I'd check out the JSP on leave and travel before proceeding and possibly getting in the deep poo!
Did you take out holiday insurance? That's what it's for, so you get your money back if you can't go.
If I were you I'd march smartly into the office drop kick the CSM over the filing cabinet and then wrap the necky OC around his desk!

I'll hold your coat......
It was authorised on JPA a month before hand, and was given 3 days notice to cancel. The PFA was done the day i returned from leave so that is now no longer an issue. Yes, been warned for orders!
Unless things have changed majorly, leave is a privilege, not a right.
I'd argue otherwise, but I will concede that it's a privilege to be able to take leave when you want.

To the OP.

Who tried to cancel your leave? When were you informed?

It used to be that only the CO could cancel your leave. But I have seen many times other Officers and SNCOs attempt this to cover their lack of management.

It's up to you how much bother you want from it. Sometimes it's easier to accept the punishment and not ruffle feathers, other times it just as important to stick by your guns on principle.

Personally for an AFA I'd tell them no and fight the charge.
Leave is a right as of several years ago. That said, you have to have the dates approved. If you used JPA correctly and had the correct approvals then you should not have leave cancelled for anything as trivial as a PFT. As someone else has siad however, what is it you are not telling us.
In accordance with GB going soft, leave is now an Annual Allowance, and no longer a privilege but an entitlement. However, there are a multitiude of reasons why your CoC deem it necessary to discipline you for not attending a PFA. If you could furnish us with more detail, we may be able to provide the necessary guidance. If on the other hand you are Ginsters best friend, get tapping them boards.
Now i dont mind a ginsters or two, but as i said the PFA 2 was passed on my return from leave. The fact that i was asked to fill in a form to cancel my own leave bothered me, so i didnt. Any ideas what sort of punishment might be thrown at me?

Just to clarify… i had all authorisations for the leave
ok leave is authorised, I take it you printed it off.
3 days to cancell the holiday, while (maybe) technically allowed (maybe not) its taking the ******* piss. Theres plenty of ******* deadbeats out there missing PFA's for many reasons. On the surface it sounds petty to say the least.
As WG says, read the relevant JSP. try to find an experienced clerk/someone who can interpret the JSP to find out the rules.
I would definitely take this to CO's orders ruffling feathers or not. EDIT:and further if needs be
With the info you put as Im typing this, I'd be having second thoughts if it was me who'd warned you for orders.
Sounds like someone is being a serious cnut. Personally I wouldnt accept COs for it either - go to CM. (Assuming you havn't missed out something relevant)


Sounds like you have a strong case for saying "do I ****" when he asks "do you accept my award."

If you've been warned for orders have they said what they are charging you with?

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