Can Martin Johnson succedd where others have failed.

It looks likely that Martin Johnson will be appointed as manager to the England Rugby team. Can he succeed or will the clubs and the RFU board interfere with his management?

We have some of the best players in the world but since Clive Woodward no one has managed to mould then into a winning team. Can Martin achieve this?
Was he in Squad 56 as well? Did he get to Janet?
Of course he can succeed, if he is allowed to run it as he wants, with autonomy. If clubs/RFU interfere he will become a lame duck, but I doubt he'd let that happen.

He should certainly have the respect of the squad, what with being the World Cup winning Captain and all that, and as long as he has a good bunch of coaches around him I think he will get the results. Certainly the forwards should improve.
Why on Earth is this in the intelligence section?

I smell a conspiracy! Black Helicopters! 9/11! Dribble Dribble!, Nurse, my medication!
I should imagine he'll improve the team, especially the forwards... I mean he can hardly make them any worse 8O

The experience and knowledge he has of the game should all rank him as a top prospect management wise, despite his lack of coaching experience. On top of being a world cup winning captain in the not so distant past which should bring him an immeasurable amount of respect from the current squad.

If he can grab some decent guys around him for his coaching staff...
Dallaglio, Dawson, Hill, Back.. Sounding like a successful mix, with perhaps a couple of the old guard.

Success breeds success!

I look forward to see what he does!

best of luck to the man :D

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