Can LE soldiers to officers serve more than 22 years?

From what I've read on the army website and things, soldiers can serve up to a maximum of 22 years, and officers up to a maximum of 35 years or to the age of 60, whichever comes first. I was thinking if a WO2 or WO1 gains their LE commission does this mean they can serve past 22 years? I thought probably, but I wanted to double check.
Yes, but it depends on how long you have left of your 22 when you get your LE commission, for example, the commission may originally be for 6 years, but if you commission at your 15 year point you would still have had 7 years left, so it would be a case of 6 years or up to your 22 year point, whichever comes later.
Note also that, under the terms of VEng (Variable Engagement), soldiers can serve in additional increments for more than 22.
Also now all new soldiers sign on the VENG(S) short which is a 12 year contract then sign on VENG(L) long which is now a 24 year contract. They can even extend further to a VENG(F)Full career up to 30 years service. This now means the days of a 22 year career are gone as new entrants can do up to 24 years. In most cases to those already serving when VENG was introduced they are being allowed the additional 2 years(Different Corps and Regiments have there own rules for this). As said above though it will depend on your new LE contract but in most cases for example lots ex WO1 ASMs of 19-22 service can be doing an extra 6 years+
To answer the original question, yes. You can be commissioned as an LE at age 40 (which is quite normal) and you will be given an initial 6 years contract which is in addition to your 22 years. During that time, you can transfer to a Regular Commission and serve until you are 55 (37 years service). The transfer will depend on a couple of things, mainly on whether you are recommended on your annual reports and if you want to do it. Many LEs are quite happy to ditch it after the 6 year point and others are happy to continue to retirement. Remember, if you want to start a second career after the Army, the older you are then the harder it is. (I left at 46 and found it relatively simple to find a management job outside. Other who stayed to 55 are finding it virtually impossible to find a job but do have the advantage of half pay pension). The rank at which you are eligible for an LE commission will depend on the arm you are taking the commission with. R Signals, for example, will only take WO1 (exceptionally WO2 but very exceptionally) whilst others will take SSgt or above (AGC pay branch, for example).
Up until you are eligible for LE, in whatever branch, you can apply (with the necessary backing of your CoC) for a DE commission and the same rules apply on transferring to a regular commission hence serving until your are 55.
I think this is right. All Warrant Officers (with very rare exceptions) who get selected to be a rupert go straight on to Intermediate Regular Commission (Late Entry) (IRC (LE)), which allows them to serve 10 years (or to the age of 50). SSgts and below usually get Short Service Commission (Late Entry) (SSC (LE)), which gives them 5 years (or to the age of 45).

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