Can it be true...?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Howayman, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. CR may have been promoted!

    Well done to everyone else on today's list.
  2. If ever there was an event which gives hope to even the most desperate, that you can overcome any obstacle, CR's selection for promotion to WO2 must be it.

    Well done fella, and to everyone else on the list (Can't say I have heard of most of them)
  3. List not on ArmyNet yet, but provisional congratulations to our winged wonder and all other recipients of HM Secretary of State for Defence's Warrants.
  4. Well done to one and all
  5. CR promoted!!!!

    The case for the prosecution rests M'Lord
  6. Who'd have thought the day would ever come!
  7. and this is how i find out? on an unofficial army forum? :?

    sounds like a wind-up to me.
  8. It's all true I've seen the list.
  9. it all sounds rather unlikely to me. it's like when some cadet comes on here, arguing with WO2s about who has more medals... it must be a windup :)
  10. If it's NODUF, congratulations. I'll raise a glass of the red stuff.
  11. Well done. Sorry about delay in posting but I needed treatment for shock.
  12. Well done! Based on this news it seems if I had stayed i might have got my third by now. :lol:
  13. Obviously the Darwin theory of evolution, survival of the fittest etc was a load of old arrse. Well done CR, result!

    Good on yer to all of the others on the list too.
  14. Well fick meine alte Stieffeln !! I know it's cold round these parts, but I didn't realise Hell had frozen over as well. :wink:

    Many congratulations mate.

    Edited to add:

    And to the four (f'kin four!) linguists. A bumper crop of damned good eggs! Well done fellas.
  15. Yet again, females discriminated against.