can it be that bad?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by littlenickoutthere, Jul 12, 2008.

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  1. i start basic in a couple weeks time and a high amount of sappers that ive met seem to say at the moment the army is a crap job choice in todays society and they cant wait to leave. apparently gib barracks is constant room inspections and chatham is plain boring. the truth would be helpfull here, is it just bollucks because its training?
  2. Cant really comment since Ive been out of the RE and in the MPGS for a while now, but training units are always going to be b0ll0cks, always have been, always will but you just have to live with it and realise the fact that you wont be there forever.
    Its not all bad, some 36 lads are down here adventure training at the mo, enjoying all that the nightlife of Newquay has to offer. Mind you a couple of them brought lasses back. They didnt stay long, must have tried to dry bum them :roll:
  3. Mate im not a sapper but every single day I think of signing off, I come home and I look at my life then think - hold on, its not actually alll that bad! Until the next day of course when you get another bone job. What trade are you looking at going in. I hear the RE basic training and the next phase are pretty tough, especially the combat engineering bit. Good luck lad
  4. nothing has changed, it's always been this way.

    get on with it.

    it's your life not someone else's.

    carpe diem.
  5. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Just get it there, and get on with it. Bring a sense of humour and enjoy.
  6. Newquay, and hangover sqn PT, never has anyone gone through such an emotional week.

    You just got to remember, once your out of training, engineers get all the pussy and fast cars. :twisted:
  7. And then some. Welcome to the house of pain. It is training though, and it will end.

    Chatham is what you make of it. Dont sit on your bed playing playstation and wanking yourself to death, get out and about. You cant let other people shimfing put you off, or you are doomed. It's a soldiers privilege to whinge like fcuk.

    Nightrained, WTF? :?
  8. don't you remember?

    NT: 'Yeah, I'm hard as f**k cuz I'm an engineer...we rule...cough..pant...wheeze...slow down fellas I can't run THAT fast....'
  9. :clap: :rofl:
  10. Didn't think he could run anyway! :twisted:

  11. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. I'll find out thursday, when it's sqn pft :oops:
  13. Is Gib still considered "that bad" - yes, bullshit reigns, but no more, no less than elsewhere?

    Something to do with standards I recall.

    NT - enlighten us with your prediction for your PFT - I guess you've been out pounding the roads for the last few evenings, not your pillow? :lol:
  14. fuk it if you aint man enough to pass through gib you aint man enough to wear the colours of the proudest corps going!!

    shrug of your human thoughts and become a god like we all have!!
  15. and the best thing about being an engineer is everyone knows you're an engineer..on tour they become your friend because they need you!! Not the other way round...never has been never will be!