Can Israel fight a war on two fronts?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_bloke, Nov 16, 2012.

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  1. With Gaza kicking off I wonder if this might be a lead into a strike or strikes against Iran?

    i.e. Israel starts a ground war into Gaza. Gets a whipping like last time and then “finds” direct links to weapons supplied by Iran to various Palestinian militant groups .(Which are already well documented?)

    Use this as grounds to bomb certain locations that are known to be used for making STUFF in Iran .

    Can they keep up air cover on two fronts?
  2. Yes. The whole national strategy relies upon being able to fight three opponents at once. A terrorist group plus one state actor should be well within their remit.

    Also i'd disagree they got beat last time. They certainly damaged HAMAS a lot more than they got hurt themselves, which, really, was the point of the exerise.
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  3. Israel doesn't have the long range aircraft need to make any serious attempt on Iran, it can **** aout on the edges, it can do some long range pentration raids, but it can't do a real, serious attamt to batter the Iranians - and moreover, by going for the Palestinians first, they've forced open the otherwise 'blind-eyes' that would have been turned by the Turks and Saudi's had they just gone for the Iranians, who are about as popular in that part of the world as Jimmy Savile is here.

    however, Israel doesn't need to use its high-end fast jets to do Gaza, it can use its AH-64's/drones perfectly well - so it can do Gaza at the same time as Syria, or Egypt, or even Iraq, but Iran is just too far for heavily loaded aircraft that would now have to go low-level the whole way, and without the Saudi/Turkish blind-eye being turned, they can't do tanking either...
  4. Of course it can, the question is, is it so stupid? I believe it will eliminate the Palestinain issue and then move on to Iran using the Palestinain issue as part of its excuse. There is also no doubt that if Israel move on to Iran, the US will be there as well.
  5. Israel has a potential second strike capability if it used a Popeye missile and Dolphin 209 submarines. No-one knows if the Popeye missile is nuclear armed but someone may find the sun rising in the west one day. Have operated in the Red Sea in the past.
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  6. Various of the Jerichos are land mobile also and there's scuttlebutt that they may deep silo the IIIs.
  7. Do you think, if nukes are deployed we could find other countries gettiong involved or will they just be left to it to eradicate each other?
  8. i don't think any of the 'supporting countries' on either side would be keen getting involved - neither Russia nor China is going to see losing a large peice of military infrastructure as a good price for solidarity with Iran, and given that Iran doesn't have a nuke as yet (we think), i don't see Israel needing anyones help (particularly given that their nuclear stockpile is probably bigger than ours). if Iran were to go Bio/Chem then the septics might think about nuking them in return, but Israel would go first, and any US/UK/French effort would be mopping up.

    the big dog here is that Iran has no real friends - the people its friendly with are friendly with Iran because it suits their wider agenda, as soon as it all goes tits up they'll find themselves friendless, because almost no interest/agenda is worth either a stray nuke, or being on the losers side.
  9. it is a very very scary prospect though, i mean the fall out for a start....thats gonna hang about for a very long time.
  10. XCan they fight a conflict on multiple fronts? Yes, its the basis of their military strategy. Strong, well equipped ground forces backed up by their airforce which is their main strength. Regulars hold the line while the reserves are fully mobilised and then the IDF counter-attacks on each front individually. If the whole thing escalates beyond a scrap in Gaza than the Septics will back Israel. Far too much at stake to allow them to fall.
  11. Yes and just think what it would do to world oil prices!
  12. Which depending on your point of view.... :)
  13. Or what you happen to drive :p
  14. Now might be a good time for Arrse as a whole to start looking for a suitable large island or island group in the middle of nowhere and set up a new, free state. Somewhere away from the likely fallout zones when it all goes tits up.
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  15. Take out the weakest front then concentrate on the main front without fear of sneaky attack from the rear.