Can Iraq be saved?

Of course Iraq can be savede.
But according to who's idea of 'Saved' is another question.
People who play for the highest position in any society must know what awaits in event of failure. in our life disgrace in the troubled parts of the world
A "Fair" trail and long drop if they are lucky/unlucky or a quick clean kill from the opposition.
Bad business pity so many innocent have had to die for WHAT.
jonwilly said:
Bad business pity so many innocent have had to die for WHAT.
This is a question that I'm increasingly pondering on.For what?People die in war.That is expected but this particular war?

I've said this before and I'll say it again:Iraq was not worth a single coalition life.Now we are dug in so deep we can't leave.What a fecking terrible mess.And to think NOBODY that made the big decisions has been held accountable.
For years I have asked Why the US invaded Iraq.
Gahnistan, I and I will suggest for the rest of the world, understands.
I used to say Oil then I felt there where other reasons, more geopolitical but I came back to Oil.
One poster placed a good argument on the board from an Asian magazine but since I reformated my computer I have lost that referance.
Why I don't know, but I will always give a fair hearing on the subject of why so many have had to die.
Rumsfeld and his cronies from way back, have much to answer for in this world.
Our boys serving in Iraq must be wondering what the hell has happened in the last few days. Well, General Dannatt has let the cat out of the bag. The invasion has been a terrible mistake. Make the best of the situation now. Partition the country, stabilise it and bring the boys home. Oh, and boot out this Govt at the first opportunity.
Well, early mistakes by the CPA are costing the lives of troops and innocent people. If the country can be saved, changes in strategy need to be made. The window of opportunity is closing fast. We might still be able to turn things around. Op Sinbad has some promise for Basra, but Baghdad needs to be addressed. Ultimately all we can do is hope that the Iraqi forces can operate. Many of them have proven that they have the will to succeed, but it remains to be seen whether they have the ability.

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