Can I wear uniform on the train?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by P3HO, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. Never thought about this before but can I wear uniform on the train?

    I have to go down South (yuk) for a meeting next week and I aint taking my car. Is it OK to travel on the train in C95?

  2. if you want to stand out.

    no is your answer.
  3. I appreciate that there is the raised profile risk but I just need to confirm the rules and regs side of things.

    Just my luck I will get the shat kicked out of me by a drunken fanatic 8O
  4. Um, the answer is yes. While on duty (and traveling to a meeting counts) he can travel in uniform. Whether he chooses to is his own decision.

    T C
  5. I believe the DIN that came out about this stated that Uniform was allowed in Public except at Airports and Railway Stations. So unless you're catching your train from anywhere other than the Station your answer is no.

  6. Bullsh1t. It is up to the individual to decide.

    Where the hell are these rumours coming from.

    The war with the IRA is over (Tony surrendered years ago) and the Islamists are, I believe, an accepable risk. You'd have to be very unlucky.

    It is your call.
  7. JSP 800 Vol 2 (I think its Vol 2) Refers to duty travel and the reason people report for flights in civilians is due to the possibility of flights being diverted (very brief explanation).

    It is my understanding that the answer is also yes if you are Off Duty (if it flicks your switches). AIN 133/07 Refers: Although this AIN is dated Jan 07 and states detailed instructions will be promulgated in a LANDSO, I haven’t seen such a LANDSO
  8. Why not? I travel on the train nearly every day and very often I see soldiers in uniform, desert and woodland. They are usually smartly turned out and a credit to their units. I thought the latest thinking was to have more uniform in public in the UK mainland?
  9. When trains start flying and landing in different countries, whether you are CS 95 or not is the least of your worries!
  10. I don’t think I said anything about trains flying 8O 8O
  11. Wear it with pride, be smart and polite
    oh and make sure you have ID to prove youre not; walt,airsofter,fronteersman or primark customer !!

  12. There's some good advice. Beret on and be proud of yourself.

    T C
  13. Yes you can. I did it the other day. I had to go into London at v short notice and the quickest and most effective way was by train. Mainline train into London and then tube to final destination not far from Buck House. Checked with LONDIST first and got back "it is not forbidden but it isn't encouraged!" So basically "its your decision and if it goes Pete Tong don't say we didn't warn you."

    Having said that I got a few double takes on the train but no aggro whatsoever. I met an ex soldier (Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers?) who was very supportive.

    WW has hit the nail write on the head with his post.

  14. Too true! Make sure you don't have your beret shoved iny our map pocket and just look smart and proud. Fuck em all