Can I wear my own boots in phase 2?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by RowDawg, Jan 24, 2011.

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  1. Hi.

    I've just passed out of basics at Pirbright and me n the lads are trying to find out if we can wear our own boots at Larkhill for phase 2 training. I've got a pair of Lowa Combats on reserve. Any definate gen on this would be much appreciated.


  2. I don't know about Larkhill but at ITC my platoon were allowed to wear our own boots for the last 2 weeks to break them in for Btn. I think they only let us do that though because we had passed Worcop and were officially allowed to wear rank slides aswel and had nothing else to pass.
  3. Actually i just realised a pal of mine was recently at Larkhill in ph2, he's at Oakhampton now so i'll ask him and find out for you.
  4. He said you have to wear issue boots mate.
  5. One thing you can do is slap a decent pair of insoles in, the Viper 4 layer ones are really decent, an actual decent piece of Viper kit aka the polices version of webtex, heres the description I snagged off my own ebay page for them

    Washable and breathable top quality insole, ideal for combat & hiking boots, walking and hiking shoes, cross trainers etc. Easy to fit and remove.

    Layer 1: Moisture wicking with antibacterial to keep your feet dry and more hygienic
    Layer 2: Odour-control carbon fibres
    Layer 3: Foam padding
    Layer 4: Dual density Polyou rubber.
  6. Rank slides? As a buckshee crow? Explain:
  7. At ITC you are allowed to wear rank slides once you've passed Warcop.
  8. Whats the point if you don't have a rank?
  9. My thoughts exactly.
  10. I assume by rank slide you mean a blank slide with regiment "shoulder titles" (RIFLES, PWRR etc) on

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  11. Don't know but you didn't have to que for scoff if you had one on so as soon as we were allowed we had ours on.

    Yes it's just the plain green rank slide with RIFLES written along the bottom, just the same as what we wear day to day in btn.
  12. I think you'll find all soldiers have a rank.

    Kind of ranges from Rifleman / Private upwards.
  13. You must be seriously bored.
  14. Not bored, it´s called attention to detail, something you should have learned in Phase 2.
  15. There was no phase 2, CIC is a combined course.