Can I wear my own boots at Larkhill Phase 2?


I've just passed out of basics at Pirbright and me n the lads are trying to find out if we can wear our own boots at Larkhill for phase 2 training. I've got a pair of Lowa Combats on reserve. Any definate gen on this would be much appreciated.


Why? Too cold for your standard combat highs? Not ally enough?

TBH, I can't remember that we restricted their use (way beck when I was DS at 24), but I expect they can be worn if you go on ex, on the gun park etc. Otherwise it might be CBH as they are smarter and can be brought to a high shine. I know that sounds ****, but there is no real need for them at 24 Bty.
Unless it is a medical reason then i doubt that you will be allowed to wear non issue boots.
You will not be insured for lower leg injuries if you wear the boots that are non-issued.
I know that AFC(H) the JS are only allowed to wear issued boots.
You may get away with them on exercise but it will be down to the PS.

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