Can I use Sky+ in Germany?

Thinking of getting the 'wife' Sky+ for Xmas but posted to Germany in the new year. I know normal Sky works in the land of the sausage, but does Sky+.
Should do mate. Went to visit a mate last year and I,m pretty sure he had it. Did,nt do much telly watching tho, spent most the time in the mess on the cheap beer !!!!

Regards LT.
My mate had sky+ fitted into his flat and the engineer had to fit a new dish up as its slightly different from the original digital one. While the engineer was there he then rang sky up and had to activate the "software" and then ensure that the box worked accordingly.
You need to have the install done in the uk, then move it to germany, tou can also pay an extra amount to sky and not have the phone connection. if sky realize that the box is not connected to a uk land line they get shirty and they can deactivate your card via the sat signal.Sky plus basically reqiures 2 sat feeds and then the sky plus stuff to be activated. this should be done at install by the engineer.
any quiries pm me and Ill help if Ican.

oh, I work for sky :wink:
i do believe you have to have the sky bill registered to a uk address,
my mate has just got it now prior to posting and i am going to forward the bills on to him

hope this helps

I got mine fitted at a relatives house then took it with me on moving, same detail with the bills and letters from Sky.
The contract for sky+ does stipulate you must remain connected to a BT phone line at all times, the box is updated via the phone line but can be done with a forced update (no landline reqd) for some advice.

There are engineers in the fatherland that will install the dish etc, I had better signal strength in Traz than any pads estate in UK :roll:
Yes, can be done, but as already stated use a UK address.

However there is some dodgy rule by German authorities in some towns about dishes being attached to houses/flats, so you could find yourself using a washing line pole or as i have seen before, troops scaling there roofs to set their dish up (better after a few tins of Becks as you feel alot more brave).

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