Can i turn a posting down?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Scally, Aug 15, 2005.

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  1. I have recently been picked up on the Sgt board, my posting order has just come out of MCM Div RLC. Or rather i received a phone call out of the blue from my supposed new boss. He has got the posting order in Germany, the one for me must be going via Oz to get to London......Still Waiting for it. BAD DRILLS MCM Div!

    For some reason i have been posted to Germany. I have no interest in going to Germany. Now the question is can i turn down this posting?

    Some may think that this is a strange question but in my defense, i have always got on with whatever i was given. So i just don't know the procedure.
  2. Mate,

    I cannot believe you want to turn a posting to the land of tax free down. There are a lot of benefits for being in Germany.

    Unless you have a very good reason, welfare or the like you'll be moving. Unless you can find someone who has also picked up that is of the same trade and is wanting a swap - be careful with this as it can backfire badly - but you will be presenting MCM Div with a solution.

    Good luck
  3. having been on two tours of germany I can say its not to everyones taste. I thought it was shite as a pad but great as a singly. If you are married to a squaddette its great because 2 pay rises but if you are married to a stinking civvy you are more than likely going to turn over a loss every month - unless shes a boxhead of course. Yes tax free cars are great, cheap fags and boze etc. But then I dont pay over a quid for a paper in UK, over a quid for a pint of milk etc. Naafi is a rip off as we all know, yet when I was there it was always full - not much to do on weekends where the country shuts down at midday saturday. I for one like to be able to wash my car and clothes on a sunday and like it that theres no law against me having a washing machine in my flat etc. Its not always greener on the other side.
  4. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Did you submit a PPP? Although for what good it does I don't know as I've never been posted where I asked for or suggested on my CRs.

    What has your RCMO suggested?
  5. The posting problem is.

    I have over the last year completed all the courses required to become an instructor. I know that around the end of the year a number of places are coming available at the trade school i would like to instruct at. If i were to get posted to Germany under the pretense that i would be allowed to return to take one of the posts, i know in my heart this would never happen. The Army is well practiced in fobbing people off with C**p like that. If it did go to plan; going to Germany, then getting sent back to the UK for a new posting what would be the point of all that upheaval for only a few months. So i would prefer like other people have in the past (Recently two Cpl's have waited 18 months to get promoted, just so they could get to Cyprus) just to wait in post.

    And not to mention tax free fag's and booz, the occasional new car does not really do it for me. I have been posted to the UK for eight years. In that time all i see is, when someone gets posted back to the UK from Germany big problems soon follow. Debt, alcohol etc. (Not everyone of course)

    Not my bag

    Anyhow my boss phoned OC MCM Div this morning to explain the situation. The OC said i need to bring the issue up with my brigade WO1. So i phoned him, i explained the situation to him. He told me i needed to chat with the brigade welfare people. So tomorrow i shall explain, again the situation to them. So as you can see the fobbing off has already started. The barriers have been put in place by the people above.

    The strange thing is, i am sure there must be loads of people that would jump at the opportunity to get posted to Herman German Land.
  6. At the top of it (when it arrives....) it will say 'POSTING ORDER'. It cannot be 'refused' (as it is a legal order), only be requested to be amended by appealling to those who may take pity on your situation and exert influence for 'exceptional service reasons'.

    You can ask, but at the date where it says LTA you need to be there or have paperwork to say otherwise. There seems to be a trend recently saying 'It's a posting ORDER' but chase every avenue to get it changed if you can. Your best bet would be get a G1 case in your favour. Cry about your kids/wife/wallet/parents and get whatever you want. Do a normal job adequately/reasonably well and bend over to take what's coming.

    Bitter? Me? Another op backfill? Oohh suit me.....apparently
  7. Unless you have compasionate grounds (your boyfriend's got mumps, that type of thing) it's achtung baby for you my boy. Germany is the place to be, Soltau, Paderborn, Oznatraz, god I loved it, what the hell is the point of joining the army to stay at home?
  8. As fatblerk says...its a posting order not an invitation to attend!!!!
  9. LOL,
  10. If your going to Support Battalion I can see your point :)