Can I transfer "my documents" to another drive?

hello techy nerds...

I've had some more memory put into the PC, which has added some 500 GB to the E drive. Most docs, music and photos are on the C drive which is MUCH smaller and some 85% full.

Is it an easy thing to transfer "my docs" to the E drive? Would seem to make sense to me, but I'm waay out of my league with this stuff. Be gentle with me, MSR...


Yep, pretty much. Make a new folder in your E drive called 'My Docs' and chuck them in there. I have the same on my 2Tb drive. Just make sure you update any shortcuts to direct them to where you've stuck them. You may even have the software with the drive to make it even easier (its easier than an RLC officers in test anyway ;) )
In XP if you Right Click on the My Documents folder on the desktop and select properties you can remap where the MY Documents folder points to so it can still be used from the desktop.
while you are at it back up the C drive to the E drive and vice versa. In the event of a mishap no great harm done.

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