Can i transfer from the RLC to the Para Reg?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by jaythomo1991, Jun 3, 2010.

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  1. Hey im new to this site but at selction i did my 1.5 mile run in 9mins 24secs and obviously was 6 secs of the required para run time. my recruiter is abit of a tool and took loads of jobs away from me :/ he said sorry mate your colour perception is level 2 so you can only do every job in the artillery considering (he's a royal artillery staff sergeant) i was given any infantry reg apart from para reg and 2 jobs in the rlc :S my dad (ex RE) thinks he has fitted me up with jobs knowbody wants to do. From what i see the RLC seems like a good corps i start phase 1 this summer but now im running my 1.5 mile runs in a time of 8mins 15secs and can do 50 press ups situps in 2 mins, so ultimatly i would like to tranfer to para reg is after a while in my unit is this possible? Because my dad thinks the rlc wouldnt let a trade driver go to para reg.
  2. What are you interested in doing? Do you want to join the Infantry, or do you fancy the RLC more? Which jobs were you offered in the RLC?

    Don't forget that there are opportunities to train as a Parachutist or a Commando in the RLC too.
  3. Thanks for the reply,

    urm i want to be in the parachute regiment, yeah i looked into para rlc but to me it wouldnt be the same, urm i was offered pioneer, Driver & chef so i chose driver. i think after a while being a driver would really get booring who knows i may love it but after years of it i think id get boored. But tbh im just gratefull to have a place in the army full stop because of the high uneployemtn at the moment :/
  4. Pioneers I worked with were good lads, got to do the Infantry type thing on tour as a Mastiff Group. Could go for all arms "P" Coy as a pioneer and still do some driving and do all the warry stuff? Just a thought.
  5. cheers, yeah i went to grantham with the careers office and the RLC put on a display for us, and tbh the rlc in general they were all good blokes good sense of humour. i just would like to do the course, but most people ive met in the army including my family hate paras in general? any particular reasons? lol
  6. when in training you get the opportunity to transfer to another badge do it then
  7. ohrte so in pirbright phase 1 if i have a really high level of fitness would they give you the choice to go para depot then if i asked to?
  8. It is probably as a result of an arrogant attitude towards to the remainder of the Army from many paras, although they're not all like that and you'll find stereotypes pervade across all aspects of the services. Generally most people that have done some sort of course that's very hard to pass display some sort of attitude that's derided by others - I suggest you do what you want to do and don't worry too much about what other's think.
  9. ohrte, i went to colchester for a para insight weekend ive never felt so fit afterwards lol but the para lads there in general were a laugh and seemed alright, they had a nasty side but they only showed that to the idiots on the course, perhaps once im in i will notice the inter corps/reg rivalry more. Cheers guys for your replys and advice.
  10. Should have said at the beginning you had been on a Para insight course, the smell of wah is strong.
  11. whats wah mean? lol
  12. waaaaaahhhhhh! Noise you make as they throw you out of the hercules!
  13. Haha I thought it was 1000,2000,3000 check canopy lmao
  14. How come you can go to any Inf Regt but not Para Regt, but still do a Para Insight course
  15. Well the insight course isn't anything to do with the careers office, it's for anyone really who are interested in the regiment and it gives an insight on the standard of fitness. It's on there home page on the British army webiste. I did the insight course end of July last year and did selection at adsc glencorse in december last year. And at selection I ran my 1.5 mile in 9mins 24 so wasn't quite para time hence all infantry regiments except para's.

    By the way are you in 3 Para by any chance?