Can I take this to the Small Claims Court?

I deployed on WRP 07. I was detatched from my unit to 1 Bn REME.During the detachment my pay and allowances were to be administered by my parent unit.
Upon deployment my LSSA commenced.
My Temp Duty Rates of Canadian LOA did not.
The HR staff of 1 Bn informed my unit clerk of this and they passed the reply that it would be actioned for the end of Feburary along with the commencement of Married Unaccompanied food chargeafter the30 days.
Guess what happened at the end of Feburary?
No Temp LOA and no MU food charge!
The wonderful 1 Bn HR staff (I'm serious here,they really went out of their way to help) called,faxed and e-mailedmy unit to ask "Why?".
The same clerk/HR person then replied and I quote "I don't know how to do what needs doing", (This individual was a JNCO and a Class 1).The task was explained to the individual.Assurances were then given that all would occur on the pay run at the end of March.The individual was also reminded that due to the roll-out of JPA it was imperative that the situation was sorted.
Guess what happened at the end of March?
No Temp LOA and no MU food charge!
The 1 Bn guys did their thing again and even called the world to see if it had been transmitted.
I returned to my unit in the April,asked what could be done to remedy the situation.
"It's a JPA problem now!"
May 07-Married Unacompanied food charge taken in a ONER! Ta!!!!!!
Still no Temp LOA!
June 07- I was posted.
Then deployed again to Canada until the October.
Upon my return I asked my new HR staff to look into the problem.They discovered that only the food charge was ever entered onto JPA upon my return in the April.
They have been busy ever since in trying to get my Temp Duty Rate LOA paid to me.
I can only have the highest praise for the HR staff at 1Bn and my new unit for all they have done.
The individual who didn't do their job properly "I DESPISE YOU".
I know who the individual is but who is to blame?
I know that sometime I will get what I'm owed,but can I make an application in the small claims court for the Intrest that money could have earnt in my ISA during the period of time it takes to pay me?
Is it really worth rocking the boat? I know you've not been treated fairly, but trying to take something like this to court will not go down well with your superiors, and may possibly be a career stopper.

Have a good long think about it.

You'll eventually get what's owed to you, keep on at the people involved, be polite, it will only help matters.


Up it to the clerk's line manager. And keep escallating like that until it hits the CO's desk.
A name and address of the person who owes you money is required for small claims, it is a very very easy process and can be done online.

Your problem is naming a person and their address???

A letter from a solicitor specialising in employment law will help, but you will obviously have to pay for that yourself.

For what it's worth, this sort of thing really winds me up and it happens far too often in the Army.


I can't see why you shouldn't take this to a Small Claims Court. It would be interesting to see what would happen if more soldiers did take these matters to the courts. You may be on the receiving end of some utterly spiteful and childish repercussions though. You know what they are like.

Have a chat with your local Citizens Advice Bureau. Just remember to come back on here and let us know how it all went.
Anything prior to the 1st Apr 07 needs to be sent to JPAC on legacy form via your current HR. Anything after send in a TTQ (Tiger Team Query) for this to be done on JPA,this needs to be sent via Bde. As soon we get it we will sort it.
If a vehicle mechanic or doctor where that incompatent then they would be charged or in jail but these individuals get away with it and repeatedly offend despite the fact that the repercussions are just as great.
If you know who he is, drag the c-unt over the desk in the office and pan his swede in you big mary.

doesn't anyone know how to sort out these little admin matters in the mob anymore?
Dung_trumpet said:
If you know who he is, drag the c-unt over the desk in the office and pan his swede in you big mary.

doesn't anyone know how to sort out these little admin matters in the mob anymore?
We had a chap posted so that we couldnt do that. He had fcuked the whole squadrons pay up though. :evil:
Send an email to detailing what you have said above. If you can provide contact details at the unit you were attached to and supporting evidence of what you are owed, they will probably sort it out for you.
They sorted out an ongoing issue for me where going through my CoC had resulted in nothing.

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