Can I Take My Boots With Me?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bcfcjosh, Aug 15, 2009.

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  1. Hi, im going to the Afc at Harrogate on September the 6th and i wondered if i could take my boots with me from cadets. They are easier to clean and polish and will also be a hand as an extra extra pair. Do you think i will be able to take them with me?
  2. my guess- no.
  3. My guess-yes.
  4. Yeah i was thinking that. Have to wear the issued ones then.
  5. AFC is not a dyslexic version of the ACF.

    The Army may be more broke than a Frenchman living next door to a brothel, but they can afford to issue you with a new pair of boots!

    Give your old boots to your DC so he can give them to a cadet who might not be able to afford a serviceable pair. your boots are likely to be shit order anyway and a possible H&S problem.
  6. What shall i do? Take them or leave them, coz i was thinking, if my main pair get wet or something, then i can rely on them, plus there already broken in, new, and clean.
  7. What's your 1 and a 1/2 mile time?
  8. Run time is 10:55
  9. Shall i come and press you kit for you and make your bed , fcuk my old boots when i joined over 25 yrs ago , you got what you were given , now its, can i take my xbox, can i take my nintendo , i Pod , my Lowa,s , jesus you dont even get bloody kf shirts any more , my heart pumps purple piss
  10. Brassneck - Chill my friend, you'll get your duvet ruffled! :p
  11. lets not beat about the bush , lets just get on with it , best of luck to the young man , but lets all be equal
  12. How did we ever survive? :D
  13. Take them and prepared to be called a total loser by fellow students and have the piss took out of you by your DS then spend the next 6 weeks wishing you had left them behind as they are exactly the same as the two pairs you got given by the QM's for free and it really wasnt worth the beating you recieved from big Cyril in the showers for being a bum lick....

    Only joking.
  14. He might like that kind of thing.
  15. Take the bare essentials and keep your head down a piece, than next semester think about it :)

    Good luck btw, the AFC sounded excellent