Can I take extra kit with me for training?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Jonny5isalive, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    Can I take my own t-shirts etc (or issued stuff) with me for basic training and beyond? Purely just to save washing clothing all the time?

    Do you get plenty of t-shirts issued just out of interest? Just asking as I get hot easily and tend to sweat a lot.

  2. Hiya mate, I just asked this same Q but only about boots. Answers varied but one chap said it was a bad idea because if another recruit 'loses' some kit and youve got extra it could look like your a bit light fingered, which is a good point I reckon. Good luck with training mate.
  3. You kinda can, just make sure it's issued stuff, from an Army surplus shop or the like :)

    I'm a current TA recruit and that's what I do, it's not like anyone could tell the difference between an ex issued army T-shirt and a just issued one :)

    Things I have brought are:
    C95s, T-shirts, C95 shirts, extra boots, socks and an extra combat jacket :)

    I know I'm only TA but still the same sort of thing really even for the regs :)

    *On another note there seem to be two types of Army issue T-shirts the older cotton one and this new one I have, but I don't even get noticed wearing either.. So you might have to ask others about that one :)
  4. Hi, cheers for your reply. I guess I can see where he's coming from, maybe not a good idea then. Could always put your name in like when we were at school! Lol
  5. Good point I did not think of that one :)
  6. Everyone does that and even on the kit labels it has a place to stick your name :)
  7. No you can't take extra kit with you. The whole purpose of them giving you a set amount is so that you are capable of sorting out your personal admin. Take only what you are told to take.

    If the army wanted you to have a brain and initiative, they would've issued you with them! :D

    Don't be such a crabby bastard. If I caught you storing unwashed pt kit, I would beast/skullfuck you, depending on what mood I was in...
  8. Going to have to have some strong words with you, my lad!
  9. It's one of them though, innit? If you get on with the other lads and they know you've bought some extra kit, if someone does lose some kit then they wouldn't blame ya. It's only if you get a locker search and whoever searches it starts asking questions, then that might be a bit tricky because as far as I can tell you're only supposed to wear issued kit on training.
  10. Good point. Don't want to be bollocked if stuff goes missing and I've got extra kit though. Are you marking them so peole know they're your own kit?
  11. Ok, taking into consideration all the below replies: can I wear issued extra kit of my own after basic training when I've started my trade?
  12. You're only supposed to wear issue (not issued) kit. You don't need more stuff than you're told to take, but if it makes you happy... Remember, it's you who has to carry it.

    Extra kit won't save on washing. Everything is either worn, clean or drying (having been washed).
  13. Yes of course, but haven't you got another two years before you can even apply?
  14. Well kinda, I just write my name and issue number in them :)

    What you could do is when you get to the camp make it aware to the other around your billet that you brought extra kit, you know the old trick "hey lads I had to get this" or "like what I brought" that way if someone kit does go missing others know you had it well before and it could not really be part of the other chaps missing kit :) If you know what I mean.. It does not take much to do a bit of blagging and in this case it could save you a bit of face! if such a thing does happen!

    I remember someone stole my top from my regimental tracksuit, I found out who it was a used his shaving cream and razor after he had cleaned them them, and before kit inspection, he had some lovely arrangements going on in his locker.. But not for long as it was all pulled out stamped on and kicked around the room! How nasty of me I thought to myself, then I thought..You, as in that silly twat nicked my tracksuit top. Serves you right, not only that but a few lads skiffed him later that night because we all got in the shit about poor admin! LMAO!

    *So make it known to the lads in your billet you have extra kit, even offer it out to a few of your closer pals if they need stuff in a hurry, what goes around comes around! :) You'll be OK..

    Where are you going for Phase 1 training?
  15. Yes, this is true Tartan_Terrier, just merely gathering info. I have a habit of charging into things without researching them first.